Planning application to demolish Harlowbury Primary and replace with homes submitted to council

News / Mon 30th Oct 2023 at 10:26am

THE planning application to demolish Harlowbury Primary Academy and replace it with housing has been submitted to Harlow Council.

The application is for: Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment to provide 42 dwellings incorporating parking, open space, landscaping, and associated infrastructure.

The school has plans to relocate to Gilden Park in Old Harlow.

For more information, go to www.harlow.gov.uk and enter HW/FUL/23/00405

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9 Comments for Planning application to demolish Harlowbury Primary and replace with homes submitted to council:

2023-10-30 14:04:02

I pressume the new school in Gilden way will be completed fully, before they knock the old one down? Or will the developers be allowed to run rampant by building on school land before the new school is built and open?

2023-10-30 14:56:57

Maybe focus on fixing the town centre instead of wasting money on even more houses. But then again we have tories in power... All quantity over quality.

Arthur Crandall
2023-10-30 15:06:31

Nearly 3 hours before a NIMBY pops in the comments to complain, must be a record. There’s plenty of space in the town to go for a walk. And I agree about the poor standard of public services in Harlow, we’re miles behind where we need to be - but what the heck has that got to do with more houses?

2023-10-30 15:25:23

I agree with CP

2023-10-30 15:26:14

is this not part of a conservation area ?

James Leppard
2023-10-30 15:52:26

Waaaaa, the funding for new house building and the town centre regeneration are completely separate. The latter comprises mostly central government grants specific for the purpose. It is not choice of one or the other.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-30 20:18:54

You council should stand up and say, you knock one school down, you build new one first.. Learn by pass mistakes. Or we all know it won't happen.

Luke Burton
2023-10-30 20:30:07

Maybe it'll be a good idea to build the new school first, actually test it out fully and inspect it properly before knocking the old one down. Then again, Harlow Conservatives and the wider Conservative government have shown their true colours - it's photo opportunities with the private school kids and death trap schools for the state school kids. I suspect they are still laughing all the way to the gentleman's club bars.

Lorraine Doull
2023-10-31 11:08:20

Hmmmm lets see if they build the new school before knocking down the old one and putting up houses... as they havent built anything in Gilden park they were supposed to and the existing schools are currently on their knees with over admissions? And thats before we think about where the kids from those 42 new houses get to go to school . The town CANNOT continue with this level of expansion in housing before services

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