New transport routes in Harlow opened with unveiling of pagoda

General / Thu 2nd Nov 2023 at 01:58pm

HARLOW and Gilston Garden Town is officially underway with the unveiling of a new rest stop located at the junction of London Rd and Newhall Way.

The distinctive onion-shaped structure, built in partnership with Harlow Council, is part of the Garden Town’s public travel route that will focus on walking, cycling and rapid bus transit.  Known as a Sustainable Transport Corridor, the proposed route would enable residents to travel from the proposed East of Harlow neighbourhood to the regenerated town centre and new Travel Hub and Interchange, allowing connections to other Garden Town communities in Latton Priory, Water Lane, Gilston and beyond.

Linking Harlow Innovation Park with Kao Park, a new cycle and walking way across former scrubland allows for quicker movement between the two sites.  An onsite café is planned for next year.

Naisha Polaine, HGGT Director, commented: “Harlow and Gilston Garden Town is one of the largest projects in the UK and we want existing residents to see the roots of progress and take enjoyment from our plans.”

“We hope the rest stop will become well known and used locally”.

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22 Comments for New transport routes in Harlow opened with unveiling of pagoda:

Peter Henegan
2023-11-02 14:24:39

Is this taking the proverbial. All this stuff about walking and cycling, this Gazebo thing is about 100 yards from where a cycle track runs from Mark Hall to New Hall . This cycle track was intersected by the referred to link road without any provision being put in to make crossing it safer despite other work ongoing. They did manage to put in a bus shelter, unfortunately they put the bus stop further down London Road (corrected now). I am a fan of cycling and walking, less so a fan of bulls..t

Casual Observer
2023-11-02 15:40:59

Can we have an up to date CLEAR map of where this Sustainable Transport Corridor starts and finishes please? Sooner rather than later.

2023-11-02 15:54:01

Wow I feel so much more positive now. There was me thinking we needed the promised services, schools and heaptjcare facilities. This pagoda has made my day. I no longer mourn the loss of the greenspace. Why didn't you tell us about this earlier

2023-11-02 15:55:05

Healthcare ... there's so little of it I can't even remember how to type it

Terry Ford
2023-11-02 18:02:24

Total wast of public funds when people are struggling.

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-02 18:48:56

😂 😂 😂 😂 Don't worry people least you got somewhere to sit. (I know no longer mourn the loss of our green spaces) well said Delighted. I no longer mourn the loss of trees ,wildlife, ecosystem, the (destruction of the river stort valley.) It's OK now, we have somewhere to sit. . 😂 Thanks I needed a laugh today.

2023-11-02 19:49:43

Be nice if cyclists actually used cycle paths. Should be made compulsory to do so.

2023-11-02 22:24:09

Waste of time completely people are struggling.

2023-11-03 01:58:23

i don't get it - Is it made from the trees they cut down to build the sustainable bus lanes? - Is it somewhere for the kids to take Hippy Crack?

2023-11-03 07:50:32

what a shambles. we need homes AFFORDABLE council homes for the people that have been on the housing waiting list for years, stuck in places they cant get up and down stairs, the council have been to interested in this thing? its wood the kids of this town or shall I say out of control morons will set it on fire soon, council are wasting time and money as usual. start building homes, flat blocks for council tenants ONLY. it's about time you stop hiding behind these office blocks you have allowed to be converted, this is fact I was housed in one, we have enough cycle paths and walking paths in the town, they just need to be made usable. how can we walk down cycle tracks that are all over grown can barely see the path because the council cant even be bothered with cutting things anymore, really peed off with that young guy the boss, hes younger than I am, slating occasio house becoming very excited about it being pulled down, I lived there for a while, like any place good and bad but more good. that place put a lot of young people on the right paths in life who didn't have that influence in their lives like myself. when it was shut down due to the funding being stopped from the government it put a lot of people in really bad situations, a lot of people still havent been housed by the council after being evicted, knowing the suffering these people have gone through to then be kicked out of the only safe place they had through no fault of their own was painful to see, this council guy has no clue what its like to be a child and feel that, no clue what it's like to struggle the way we had to, he has the front to stand there like it's a new toy and be so excited about the way the council have handled the who situation, I've lived in harlow all my life and can honestly say harlow is not harlow anymore, and never will be again.

Richard Adams
2023-11-03 08:57:52

T sounds as they have experienced the full force of the housing crisis that is blighting this country at the moment. The policy of building more and more homes for ownership has completely failed and we need to start building homes that people can actually afford to rent. These developers are still trying to sell a dream that only a few can afford. Developers wake up and smell the coffee, we need good affordable homes for rent, not token shelters that are not even any good for the homeless to sleep in. The conservative government have completely failed the people of this country. It's time for a change.

2023-11-03 09:37:43

Possibly another "white elephant" almost on a par with the Red flower pots, a recent report by the Public Accounts Committee has found that despite spending over £3.3 Billion, yes Billion, on LTNs,Cycle and walking routes, there has been no increase in both, in some instances particularly children walking to school levels are actually lower, with the government commitment to spend yet another £3 Billion by 2025 surely there are better options to spend taxpayers money on.

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-03 09:58:14

Well said T. And well said Richard. This government, theses councils need to Listen to public options.. NOT SHUT US DOWN..This will be your down fall... Tackle the real problems, you all sit there in your ivory towers , showing us your vanity project s, that not many of us can afford. Tearing down our history, ripping up our green spaces in abundance....FOR WHO ? NOT FOR THE PEOPLE OF HARLOW, not for over 5,000 people waiting on a home here in Harlow. There your plans, not ours ,there your vanity project s, that lines your cofers. And it's not just here it's up and down this country, you are not building affordable housing for people who need it....Take the Gilston project s, the promise of x amount of affordable, this has reduced significantly... We are fed up with the profits before needs..... START THINKING OF THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE, FIRST AND FORMOST. WE PAY YOU TO SIT ON YOUR THRONES.. As a green party candidate, I know you don't care for public opions.you have no interest in hearing us.... you will do exactly what you want, despite the objections.

2023-11-03 10:18:00

What would encourage people to cycle is a.the provision of highly secure bike parking (every journey has a destination) b. Building good new cycling routes c. Bringing all of the old routes up to a high standard d. Making the town far less car centric e. Installing park and free or low cost park and ride at strategic places around the perimeter of the town f. Getting deliveries and business to use cargo bikes. It's difficult to see how a pegoda will help?

Craig Carter
2023-11-03 10:27:30

That's a very ornate (expensive) and vulnerable structure. I assume that its not for cyclists, as there's no provision to park a bike. Who is this pagoda trying to please? I don't think that this is a practical use of public funds. Judging by the comments already left there wasn't much or any public input or say in it's being there. Please do tell us all how much this fools errand has cost the tax payer?

2023-11-03 13:50:32

I only want to comment on one aspect as the rest has already been covered. REGENERATED TOWN CENTRE!!! Our Town Centre as we knew it has had the heart ripped out of it. We lost our once thriving market because of the constant increasing in rent and also all the new build that started with the new civic centre. The different array of shops that we had are now gone again due to unfair rent increases. We have office blocks that have been converted into flats and some with very dubious groups of people that hang around the empty Market Square. We have the drunks that sit in the Clock tower all day and spill outside to vomit and go back in again. We have lost our main Post Office and located it in Smiths and is often closed due to lack of staff. I could go on but really, what is the point. I admit defeat.

2023-11-03 15:17:57

"New transport routes in Harlow opened with unveiling of pagoda", well I must say, I don't think you'll get many buses under there. Does each bus route get it's own Pagoda?

2023-11-03 15:30:25

Base cafe across the road much better for walkers and cyclists, pagoda just a pointless exercise.

2023-11-03 15:53:40

I wonder how well used it will be? There was a special bus route lane constructed for Church Langley from Harlow Town Centre. Parts up by the Clock Tower roundabout are rarely used. It's all full of weeds?

2023-11-04 14:50:32

Constant waste of funds when people are living in places that are sinking on estates the council knows were not built to last. Those on waiting lists for social housing. Homes built with walls so thin you can hear more than just your immediate neighbours. Not forgetting all health services and gps allowing face to face appointments. A pagoda that doesnt give you shelter from the weather, just a wooden frame. Basically another scuplture, a vanity product that does nothing for anyone. Typical crap as always, greedflation by greedy, unempathetic people, who are not amoung the majority, dictating us but still claiming we are in a democracy. All residents should be asked for their opinions on build projects, not just a select few whom most likely on high incomes.

Colin Dutton
2023-11-04 15:10:19

Is this improved transport system I'm line with the cancellation of the no.9 route. A lot of elderly people relied on this service to get to and from The High. First off it was made unreliable by the frequent cuts unannounced cuts to service and then cancelled permanently when people stopped using it as it was do unreliable.

Diane Miller
2023-11-05 08:47:05

The council are trying to get us to be more Eco friendly (food waste, recycling, council dumps booking slots etc). Please lead by example. Upgrade current cycle routes lighting and tarmac regularly intervals with bins and seats. Maintenance of existing paths and street pavements as they are hazardous and overgrown. Harlow Town Center what can I say other than it is hideous, a joke, unsafe and sad. I go because I have to. Fix what is broken before rushing ahead into something new hoping that will solve the problem. Please put yourself in others shoes.

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