Still more questions than answers over SFG College

Education: Secondary / Sat 4th Nov 2023 at 12:17pm

ACROSS the town and across the political divide, politicians are asking questions and politicians are being asked questions.

On Friday afternoon, we asked Harlow MP Robert Halfon for a progress report on Sir Frederick Gibberd College (SFG)

On Thursday night, the leader of Harlow Labour and fellow councillor, Tony Edwards also asked a number of questions.

Councillor Chris Vince to Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the

I know that all of us send our deepest sympathies to students, parents and teachers of SFG during this ongoing difficult time. Can I ask what support has been offered to the academy trust by this council and which of that support has been accepted?

Reply from Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the Council):

The events that have unfolded with regard to SFG have been nothing short of appalling for the community, families, teachers and pupils.

When the news first broke, the council offered any possible support including temporary use
of buildings if feasible, support with public meetings and any other such activities. Our planning team worked closely with the school and DfE on planning related matters for temporary facilities which we fast-tracked.

A renewed offer of support was made to SFG following the latest developments and a meeting with the Trust is being arranged. We have offered and continue to offer any possible support.


Councillor Tony Edwards to Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the

Given that the current situation at the Sir Frederick Gibberd College is
causing considerable disruption to the education of pupils and stress to
pupils, parents, and staff, will you call for an urgent meeting with Gillian
Keegan, Minister of Education to stress the council’s concern with regard to
the lack of progress on this matter?

Reply from Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the Council):
I am aware that a public meeting with the relevant Government Minister is
already being arranged on this matter.

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