Health advice all in one place for your family this winter

Health / Thu 9th Nov 2023 at 01:28pm

WINTER can bring lots of illnesses to our homes – from coughs and colds to sickness bugs.

It can be a hugely worrying time for parents to have poorly kids and they will want to know what
symptoms to look out for, get advice on what to do in the first instance and know when they need to call in professional help.

Clinical leaders of local health and care services have created a website you can go directly to which
offers useful information and trusted advice direct from health professionals all in one place.

The Hertfordshire and west Essex Healthier Together website has up to date information and advice on a number of topics including:

  • Looking after fever, coughs and colds
  • Managing asthma
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Concerns over the day-to-day cost of living
  • Sickness bugs and when to keep your child at home
  • Vaccinations

The site advises on the common symptoms of a number of conditions, what steps you should take to
treat them at home and when to think about seeking further help.

Professionals also use this website for information to share during appointments.

Dr Rachel Joyce, Medical director for Herts and West Essex ICB, said: “It is sometimes hard to know
what your next steps are when your children are unwell and what to look out for in those symptoms if
they are normal or you should get extra medical help.

“This website gives parents that information about a range of childhood illnesses, all in one place and supplied by trusted health experts, to make that decision. It also has a range of information on important topics and places you can get extra support.”

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Tony Edwards
2023-11-09 16:23:52

Here is the link to the website https://www.hwehealthiertogether.nhs.uk/

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