Review: Pizza Express in The Water Gardens: A wonderful warm and welcoming experience

Business / Fri 17th Nov 2023 at 05:05pm

THE WONDERFUL thing about Pizza Express in The Water Gardens, Harlow is the warmth of the whole experience.

The new layout is full of rich colours and attractive decor. There is also plenty of space. so whether you are a couple or a large group, there is plenty of personal space.

But what was the food like?

We shared a starter of the new Nduja Dough Balls. We were both hungry but that is testament to the ample portions.

This is a spicy dish but has just the right balance of cheese and spices.

One of us continued the spicy theme for the main course with a Pollo Fiesta. Again, the size of the portion was impressive but so was the quality of the food. There was a lot going on.

The Fajita Spice Chicken was complimented by the sour cream and the mozzarella topped off with lime and coriander.

By contrast, we also had a Grand Pollo Milanese. A delicious warming chicken dish that hits all the right spots.

Both dishes were complimented by a lovely glass of white (Pinot Grigio) and red (Merlot).

The whole experience is helped by General Manager General Manager Ioana-Roxana Bobocea and her 20 dedicated team members.

They are very proud of their pizzeria and cannot do enough for you.

Pizza Express is a place for a classy but competitively priced pizza as well as a whole range of other Italian dishes.

They have been in Harlow for ten years but with a refit (especially the marble tables) the Water Gardens eatery is a perfect spot for any time of day or year.


Along with iconic favourites such as the Sloppy Giuseppe, American Hot or the Padana, there
are also veggie, vegan and gluten free options, while kids can enjoy the much-loved Piccolo
menu, consisting of Dough Balls, pizza, pasta or salad, dessert and a Bambinoccino all for just

In addition, customers can also enjoy eight new menu items on the brand’s Autumn
Menu, including the Pizza Dolce, which features white chocolate sauce and salted caramel, to
‘Nduja Dough Balls, and a burst of flavours with the Romana Pollo Fiesta, which features a
combination of fajita spiced chicken, oven roasted peppers, garlic, red onion, tomato and
mozzarella, topped off with fresh coriander, sour cream and lime.

Customers can also join the PizzaExpress Club, which provides incredible rewards every time
they dine, from Dough Balls at Bronze to a free child’s meal and more at Gold. 

Find out more at pizzaexpress.com/club.
To learn more about PizzaExpress, visit https://www.pizzaexpress.com/.

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