Essex Police snare shoplifter using facial recognition

Crime / Sun 26th Nov 2023 at 05:11am

A REPEAT shoplifter will have his location tracked after being caught using facial recognition.
Essex Police officers linked Anthonys Reid to two shoplifting incidents at a premises in Spa Road, Hockley.

The 54-year-old, of Dalston Lane, London, was responsible for stealing £160 worth of goods.
Ch Insp Paul Hogben, Castle Point district commander, said officers had been “innovative” in catching Reid.

The shoplifter was captured on CCTV and an image of his face was run through the Police National Database.

After a positive match, Reid was arrested on Monday and admitted two offences of theft at Southend Magistrates’ Court the next day.

He was told that his whereabouts would be tracked as part of a 13-week community order, which also required him to compensate the shop owner.

Ch Insp Hogben said he is “determined” to tackle shoplifting across Castle Point and Rochford.
“We are an innovative police force and where technology is available to us, we will not hesitate to use it to identify offenders.”

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7 Comments for Essex Police snare shoplifter using facial recognition:

Linda Lawrence
2023-11-26 11:09:07

Well done all. Facial recognition seems to be the way to go. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't worry about how these people are caught.

2023-11-26 12:43:46

Linda - yes because government never ever abuses its powers.

Guy flegman
2023-11-26 13:15:07

Just what we need, more surveillance. What I don’t understand is facial recognition can be used as evidence by the authorities(even though the tech is a bit iffy), yet if a member of the public has clear 4K video of an offender it is not sufficient evidence according to the authorities. Go figure!

Reggie Solo
2023-11-26 13:26:42

Adam’s right - That kind of power should never be granted to anyone, especially a government!!!

Dan Long
2023-11-26 14:45:58

This is ok but most of those who go around shoplifting wear balaclavas when shoplifting, so how are the police going to recognise this offenders.

Luke Burton
2023-11-26 14:53:16

In another 13-weeks time they will be out to steal more - and this time probably with a weapon. Weak punishment.

2023-11-27 11:51:01

"Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither"

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