Solve rates for crimes in Harlow: Is it fair to judge the police on these figures?

Crime / Tue 12th Dec 2023 at 02:07pm

AS you may know, we do like to look at the crime statistics that are published on the website of the Conservative Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (EPFCC). 

We think it is important to see how many crimes the police in Harlow are solving. Or not.

One of the key indicators is the solved outcomes.

So let us look at the solve rates for the latest figures from October 2022 to October 2023.

If you compare their June 22-23 figures with the October 2022-23 figures, then the solve rates have gone up slightly in some and fallen in others.

Note: These figures do not include crimes under the umbrella term Fraud, so it could be said to be a very partial picture indeed.

This is relevant for a number of reasons.

Essex Police bosses keep telling us about their record police numbers and keep telling us every day how they are keeping the town and county safe.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner is considering putting their part of the council tax up again.

But perhaps it is up to you, how you interpret these figures.

Crime Type No.of Crimes No of crimes solved Percentage

October 2022-October 2023

Violence with Injury: 907—316—17.1%

Violence without injury: 1937—265–16.3%

Stalking and Harassment: 1206–136–11.3%

Rape: 123—6—4.9%

Robbery: 100—20—17.9%

Burglary: 504—40—7.9%

Theft of Vehicle: 446—11—2.5%

Arson: 59—6—10.2%

Racially Aggravated Offences: 174—58—33.3%

Drug Offences: 503—388—77.1%

Public Order: 1003—247—24.6%


Crime Type No.of Crimes No of crimes solved and percentage

June 2022-June 2023

Violence with Injury: 1013: 192: 19%

Violence without injury: 1992: 299: 15%

Stalking and Harassment: 1389: 144: 10.4%

Rape: 148: 8: 5.4%

Robbery: 104: 4: 3.8%

Burglary: 467: 45: 9.6%

Theft of Vehicle: 374: 7: 1.9%

Arson: 910: 116: 12.7%

Racially Aggravated Offences: 171: 60: 35.1%

Drug Offences: 510: 402: 78.8%

Public Order: 1107: 67: 24.8%


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2 Comments for Solve rates for crimes in Harlow: Is it fair to judge the police on these figures?:

2023-12-13 16:05:52

The police do not seem to be particularly successful do they.

Gary Scott
2023-12-21 11:49:39

There too busy worrying about non crime, like enforcing there pay masters agenda, has everyone forgotten convid, and Sarah Everard, get on with the job you signed up for and stop making excuses, we pay our taxes for a service that is not fit for purpose

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