Felmongers living room destroyed by fire after candle left unattended

Crime / Fri 22nd Dec 2023 at 01:29pm

ESSEX Firefighters are asking everyone who uses candles to make sure to blow them out every time you need to leave the room after an unattended candle destroyed a living room in Harlow yesterday. 

Crews were called to Felmongers, Harlow at 2:49pm after neighbours heard smoke alarms going off and called us. 

On arrival, crews reported that the house was heavily smoke logged. 

Firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus entered the home and rescued a dog. 

They found a fire in the front room and believe it was caused by an unattended candle that had overheated on a glass table. 

The house has been badly fire and smoke damaged. 

Watch Manager Steve Allen from Harlow Fire Station said: “Please make sure to blow any candles out every time you need to leave the room, even if you’re only leaving for a moment. 

“Our advice would be to swap real candles for LED candles, they’re much safer.

“We’d also like to highlight the importance of having working smoke alarms, they’re not just there to alert you to a fire but your neighbours and any passers-by too if you’re not home. 

“If you or someone you know doesn’t have working smoke alarms at home, we can fit them for free. Get in touch with our team at www.essex-fire.gov.uk/book.”

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7 Comments for Felmongers living room destroyed by fire after candle left unattended:

2023-12-22 15:01:43

I cannot believe that someone is that stupid to leave a burning candle unattended, but then again nothing surprises me anymore. I wonder if they're insured.

2023-12-22 16:01:59

Oh well done Essex firefighters for rescuing that poor dog,he/she must have been absolutely terrified. Poor dog my heart breaks. Hope the dog is all ok??

Sharon Watts
2023-12-22 16:24:49

Well done Essex Firefighters. Hope the dog is doing ok and i hope the people that live there learnt their lessons and are safe!

2023-12-23 00:19:16

So you can’t even leave a candle now days to go in another room in your own home I know 0 people that light a candle then blow it out to go in a kitchen or the bathroom and I’d also like to add the home owner rescued the dog !!! Anyone of you that have commented and said learnt there lessons etc and be so stupid need to seriously look at your selfs no persons needs to read this after loosing the entire contents of there home right before Christmas with 2 children I pray to god it never happens to you and you have to read such nasty comments

2023-12-23 12:20:13

Anonymous,i commented and my comment was not nasty in anyway at all. It must be unbearable for you and i should imagine absolutely terrifying when you knew what had happened. I mentioned your dog because as a huge dog lover that was what i commented about. I keep gping back to the photo and think about the residents of the property. I have to admit that i use candles every single day/night and it has made me think and change my ways.so tragic what you are going through at any time but at this time must be that bit worse. I hope you can get everything sorted out and that life can be good for you. If i have upset you i apologise.

2023-12-23 17:25:39

ME you was the only one that it wasn’t aimed at Thankyou for your comments it wasn’t my home but I do know the people that live there very well and will pass your message on and the dogs are absaloultly fine as-well as the owners x

2023-12-24 09:28:13

Thankyou for your kind comment Anonymous,so happy to know that the dogs are ok and truly heartbreaking for all involved.I keep coming back to this story because it can easily happen to any of us that use candles and i for one do every single day and i really do feel for the family.I hope they can gradually recover from this. Sending good wishes.xx

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