Knife Crime in Harlow: Over 200% increase in offensive weapon possession in just four years

Crime / Fri 12th Jan 2024 at 08:59am

OVER the next few weeks, we plan to run a number of items on the subject of knife crime. This is a general discussion on a public affair and won’t be referring to any specific active cases.

This has been triggered for a number of reasons and so our first port of call is a crime figures published on the website of the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst.

They are tucked around the back of the site but they are there.


When we look at knife crime in Harlow, it appears there has been an increase in Harlow of close to 200% since 2018.

Now that may be 71 offences in (year to year)January 2018 compared to 153 in October 2023 and there may be people who think that, in the scheme of things, in a town of 100,000 people, that isn’t too bad. That is why we need to compare this to other areas in Essex and the country as a whole. If we get time, we will try and do that.

Many will argue (and quite rightly) that one person in possession of a knife is one too many.

There may be an argument that by 2028, the figure will be up to 300 or 400.

The figures you see below are for possession of an offensive weapon.

A probably unknowable statistic is: how many individuals were in possession of an offensive weapon in 2018 compared to 2023?

To what extent has it become a necessity?

We would not be submitting this piece to the British Crime Survey. It is merely an overview in order to get a discussion going.

Can we just mark the card here. If your first port of call is “Londoners mate” then please supply with your own statistical analysis. Otherwise the comment is removed. The unpalatable truth is that third or fourth generation white working class individuals from Harlow may well be the vast majority of those in possession of offensive weapons.

The figures you see are for a twelve month period, that is to say, between October 2022 and October 2023, there were 153 complaints of a person or persons being in possession of an offensive weapon. There were 89 cases of that crime being “solved”.

December 2022 to December 2023: 152-95

November 23: 151-88

October 23: 153-89

September: 150-88

August: 143-86

July: 145-86

June: 148-92

May: 151-93

April: 151-98

March:152- 97

February: 147-98

January: 151-96

Dec 2021: 148-53

November 2021: 149 -00


Oct 2021: 87-52

Oct 20: 87-58

Oct 2019: 86-47

Oct 2018: 44-20

Jan 2018: 71 17

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16 Comments for Knife Crime in Harlow: Over 200% increase in offensive weapon possession in just four years:

2024-01-12 09:41:21

And when did Harlow start seeing a very dramatic rise of London overspill into Harlow?

Guy Flegman
2024-01-12 11:29:29

Instead of using resources to tell us how bad things are( which most people already know) why not use those resources on better policing. It seems to much public money is used collecting data on everything and anything rather than doing the obvious and right thing by spending the money on the front line services

2024-01-12 13:21:57


Barry Taylor (ex HM forces)
2024-01-12 15:05:29

It is not just a police issue. Even when the police catch criminals, the courts let them off with paltry sentences. Our entire criminal justice system needs to change. There should be mandatory minimum sentences and no remission. Life should mean until you die. Possession of a knife or similar should be a minimum 8 year sentences. Also prisons should be become self-financing and prisoners made to work for their keep. I was in Singapore and was amazed by the lack of crime. When talking to locals they asked what a mugger gets in the UK. A first offence is probably community service. There they have corporal punishment about 15 lashes and 7 years in prison with hard labour. Guess who has more muggers! Copy Singapore, which is a Commonwealth country.

Luke Burton
2024-01-12 15:49:22

It's also the culture in Singapore. Much more respectful and hardworking with a strong emphasis on education. Not working hard at school is not a badge of honour over there as it is in the UK

2024-01-12 16:06:43

Funny thing is I grew up all my friends carried knifes we played in the woods built dens etc. We fell out and fought, no one ever thought of stabbing anyone. To this day I still carry a legal knife (less than 3 inches non locking), as guess what it is a useful tool in my rucksack. It is not knives which are the problem it is society and certain elements which glamorise gansta life, it is society which has destroy the nuclear family and left kids fatherless. It is society which excuses the actions of these kids. We have built a welfare industrial complex with many people making a living off trying to fix these issues, without ever making an impact. We could solve this issue tomorrow (support the nuclear family, reduce the dependency on the state, strict prisons with no early release, and no excuses accepted for behaviour, expulsion from school barring from benefits, Criminal convictions barring benefits claims - because if you are not going to try why should other pay for you.) but no one is going to want to as the lunatic left would be screaming from the roof tops.

Guy Flegman
2024-01-12 17:17:02

There are only 4 things you need to know in life. Everyone is lazy, everyone is greedy, might is right and money talks.

2024-01-12 17:38:37

Apples never fall far from the tree

David morton
2024-01-12 19:41:20

Whatever happened to the mandatory 10yr sentence for carrying let along using??

2024-01-12 20:34:49

200% = Triple ot double.

2024-01-12 21:29:04

If you read the story on YH re the shoplifter banned from a garage, he was also charged with possession of a knife, at court he was given a conditional discharge for this offence, therein lies the problem, until the courts take the issue of carrying a weapon seriously then there is absolutely no deterrent, we need to get away from all the nonsense about poor childhood or other such waffle and make people responsible for their actions, and the courts need to deal out effective punishments

2024-01-13 09:00:41

Seamus, I believe it was 1947.

2024-01-13 10:27:41

It's foolish and very uneducated to try and blame this on london overspill or any other. This is about using methods to get to and try to address the root cause. The ONLY people we can blame for this are the people carrying the knives but we need to understand the reasons and not jump to simple answers.

2024-01-13 21:57:22

Therein lays the problem People like Simon, the only person responsible for picking up a knife is that person no one else made them do it, and as such that person MUST face the consequences, fines and other such soft punishment is no deterrent, a MINIMUM 10 years for any offence of carrying a knife should be the starting point for Judges,

Ahmed Wyslkivola
2024-01-15 07:46:17

Pedro, so a worker coming from a construction site heading to his home stops at a garage and because he has a carpet knife on his person, like the ones they keep on their belt or in the side pouches should be sentenced to 10 years for carrying a weapon? Or do you think society should rather individually assess each case and not rush to such broad overreaction?

2024-01-17 04:46:36

The problem is tv, music and social media. Not a lack of youth clubs. These young men and women have been brainwashed. Big muscle, big tattoos, pineapple haircuts. We are being controlled to be this way. It's culling. There's too many people, simple facts that people ignore.

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