Harlow man’s swift use of resuscitation procedure may have saved a man’s life at New Year

Health / Sat 13th Jan 2024 at 11:29am

A HARLOW man’s swift action at New Year could well have saved a life but also underlined the importance of first aid training.

Steve Wright, aged 56, was walking home on Manston Road (near Second Avenue) just after midnight when he saw a man lying motionless on the pavement.

Steve said: “The man was lying on his back on the pavement. It didn’t look like he was breathing.

I called 999 for an ambulance but realised that as it was just after midnight at New Year. They were probably incredibly busy.

“Therefore, I started to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). I just kept the rhythm going. Luckily, the ambulance service came very quickly and took over from there.

“I have learned CPR at my place of employment in Harlow, Motability and we have a Defibrillator in the reception area of the building.

“I am also a member of Harlow Running Club which is also very first aid minded and I do the parkrun which has a Defibrillator on the course.

“So First Aid and being aware is very much an everyday thing”

Some of us think that Mr Wright is overly modest. If it wasn’t for his actions, the man may not have survived.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called just before 1.15am on New Year’s Day with reports of a medical emergency on Maddox Road in Harlow.

An ambulance was sent to the scene and transported an adult man to the Princess Alexandra Hospital for treatment. 

“Before we arrived on scene, CPR was commenced and we would encourage everyone to learn basic life support, as it significantly increases a patient’s chances of survival and you never know when it will be needed.”

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8 Comments for Harlow man’s swift use of resuscitation procedure may have saved a man’s life at New Year:

Paul Fagan
2024-01-13 12:07:11

Top man

2024-01-13 12:46:11

Well done that man.👍👍🫶i would have thought that this mans actions DID save the other mans life. He deserves recognition,a certificate/ medal or something.

2024-01-14 10:45:54

Excellent job Mr Wright. Society needs more people like you.

2024-01-14 21:38:33

Way to go Steve. I bet Liz is well proud. Top man, A++++++

Gail Nicholls
2024-01-14 23:16:03

Well done Steve well proud of you xx

Mr Simmons
2024-01-15 16:54:27

Top bloke. Shame the picture used continues to promote the false information that AEDs can only be used by trained staff. AEDs can, and should be used by anyone in an emergency. They will not shock if not needed. Boxes with "Trained Responders Only" risk lives. Motability should know this.

2024-01-16 09:44:56

Well done Steve, I hope you done a risk assessment before carrying this out :) All jokes aside, you went above and beyond and saved this mans life.

2024-01-16 13:14:22

Not all heroes wear capes Steve. Very fortunate that you were passing by... You have saved a life!

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