Labour select candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in this May’s election.

Crime / Tue 23rd Jan 2024 at 01:35pm

ADAM Fox has been selected to stand as Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Essex in this May’s election.

Adam Fox was previously Deputy Leader of Colchester City Council and Labour Group Leader, having spent seven years as a councillor between 2016 and 2023. As Deputy Leader of the Council he had responsibility for the Local Economy and Council Transformation, liaising with local businesses, sitting on the North Essex Economic Board and prior to that was portfolio holder for housing.

He has previous experience of managing services that tackle drug and alcohol addiction and criminal activity, community engagement, supporting young people and victims of crime.

Adam’s background demonstrates that he will be a Police and Crime Commissioner with extensive experience and who will listen to what all of our communities have to say.

Adam is looking forward to setting out his priorities for policing in Essex over the coming months, which will include:

Visible neighbourhood policing
Tackling antisocial behaviour
Making town and city centres safe to visit
Preventing rural crime
Working with partners to stop male violence against women and girls

Speaking after his selection, Adam Fox said;

“All of us I’m sure know someone who has been a victim of a crime. The way we tackle crime and our priorities for safer communities have a huge impact.

As Essex’s Police and Crime Commissioner, I would put the priorities of our communities first.

I will work with residents, local businesses, community organisations and faith groups. I will always be accountable to the people of Essex.

“We must restore people’s faith in policing and develop a modern service that is both responsive and cost effective. I won’t rest until we have achieved that.”

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8 Comments for Labour select candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in this May’s election.:

2024-01-23 15:22:47

Another pointless politically motivated post that adds extra costs to taxpayers, Control of the police should rest with Chief Constables.

2024-01-23 19:38:26

Pedro totally agree and then we wonder why these days the police, police politically and are so woke. another institution destroyed by the long march of socialism / common purpose

2024-01-23 20:18:17

Whats Labour going to have next , a minister for windy days.

2024-01-23 20:22:38

The role of Police and Crime Commissioner was brought in by the Conservatives and Lib Dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_and_crime_commissioner Perhaps the culture warriors should blame the "wokeness" on the Conservatives instead of fictional marches.

Chancellor Benny Howard
2024-01-23 23:31:38

Pedro, the commissioners role is to be an elected voice of the taxpayer, that holds the police to account. You would rather an unelected police chief effectively police themselves?

2024-01-24 10:15:05

Absolutely, we don't need political involvement in running the police,

Mr Grumpy
2024-01-24 15:34:28

Sounds like "Jobs for the boys" to me. This is why the emergency services is under so much financial pressure. Too much "management" on excessive salaries.

2024-01-24 18:49:34

Spot on Mr G, same issue within the NHS, as the say goes Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians

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