Chris Vince: Labour has a plan to tackle crime after 14 years of neglect

Crime / Thu 25th Jan 2024 at 09:01am

THE LABOUR candidate at the next General Election has backed his party’s plans to tackle crime should they attain power later this year.

Chris Vince said: “It may be a famous line used by the last Labour government but the phrase ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’ could never be more relevant. Every other day there is another story about a burglary, an assault, or a serious crime. This isn’t an abstract problem seen in the national press, we all know it is a reality where we live and has a huge impact on people’s lives. 

One of the biggest issues facing our communities is knife crime and Labour are not shying away from this, the Shadow Policing Team are talking tough about this issue. 

 If Labour are chosen to form the next government, we will introduce a ‘Youth Futures’ scheme which will mean early intervention and wrap around support for individuals and the introduction of 150 youth hubs, paid for by some of the VAT on private schools, which will include bringing together police, youth services as well as 3rd sector providers. We will also look at early intervention for young people in hospital, in the court system and at PRUs, paid for by additional firearms licencing.   

We will also be tough on knife crime by going further than the current government in banning knives, bringing in stronger consequences for online sales of knives and greater consequences for those caught carrying knives. No longer will those caught with a knife get away with a caution without consequences or a letter of apology. Instead, a formal sanction which could include curfew or tagging, will be given. 

On the matter of anti-social behaviour Labour will introduce over 13,000 more community policing officers to get into communities. We want police officers to be able to problem solve rather than just counting crime.  We also know that too many officers are being put into staffing roles due to massive cuts to back-room staff at Essex Police. This will be paid for by efficiencies already identified. We will also introduce new respect orders, which will mean persistent offenders, including adults, can be banned from areas for a long period of time. We will also introduce enhanced penalties for those using children for crime including county lines. 

We will also introduce town centre plans, where police, local councils, community leaders and business leaders can come together to be proactive about planning out crime in our communities.  

“Having spoken to thousands of people across our town over the past six months I know that crime and anti-social behaviour is one of the biggest issues facing our community and I am glad the next Labour government is making it one of its 5 key missions”.  

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19 Comments for Chris Vince: Labour has a plan to tackle crime after 14 years of neglect:

2024-01-25 09:54:27

These are all reactions to crime hand in hand there needs to be massive investment in youth clubs, projects to restore the sense of community, radically change an education system that's not fit for purpose and lift people out of poverty: the causes of crime. In other words being tough on the causes of crime. Changing the education and lives of young people could deliver the high skills hi standard of living society always promised but not delivered. The mantra that the UK is "Open for business" should cease to be a euphemism for low wage cheap labour no contract cash in hand economy where many people in full time work need benefits in order to survive.

gary roberts
2024-01-25 10:07:35

Cllr. Vince reproducing a generic Labour party news letter does you no favours. Speak and listen to the officers on the front line in Harlow. Then deliver more officers with neighbourhood experience. Leave the police cars in their garage and set up dedicated local area policing forums to discuss with residents' their concerns and worries. Walk the beat with those officers on a regular quarterly basis. It worked well in Potter Street when neighbourhood officers attended the residents' association on a monthly basis. That is proactive not reactive to crime. And stop playing the Conservative tune because we know how that has turned out: Failure at all levels: criminal justice system in a mess, over 60,000 case backlog in the courts, probation services on their face, and re-offending going up with prisons over crowded!

2024-01-25 10:26:07

When was the last time anyone saw a police officer or PCSO walking or cycling a local beat? In the last century?

2024-01-25 11:07:00

Of course, Harlow Labour know all about 'years of neglect', it appears to have been a policy of theirs whilst they previously managed Harlow Council. Hopefully the electorate remembers this come the local elections in May.

2024-01-25 12:26:00

Okay so you say “Labour have no policies”, so Chris Vince gives a policies. Then you say “where’s the money coming from?” So Chris Vince tells you where the money is coming from. Then you complain that “Chris needs to talk to local officers” which he does. Regularly. He has even been on community rides with them. It costs nothing to read the article - which will troubleshoot many of the usual complaints

2024-01-25 12:43:17

Labour has control of the police in London, I can see that they have done a great job over the last 14 years !!!

2024-01-25 13:58:10

Remember it was Labour leader Keir Starmer who signed a letter calling for the halt to a deportation flight with 50 dangerous criminals, 7 subsequently went on to commit more crimes here. You can't trust Labour on Crime

2024-01-25 15:57:47

Seems YH doesn't want negative comments about Labour on their pages

James Leppard
2024-01-25 16:49:17

Alex, presents no credible details or numbers as to the Youth Hubs and 13,000 extra Community Police are to be financed. It is all very vague. Empty rhetoric.

2024-01-25 18:19:18

I won't hold my breath

Peter Henegan
2024-01-25 19:18:10

Knife crime isn't new. Julius Ceasar was stabbed to death in 44BC. We are all familiar with the Peaky Blinders, the y were around from around 1880. Knife crime seems to be associated with working class kids. The ideas put forward by Labour seem positive. However the idea of charging VAT on school fees seems absurd. There were around 550,000 kids at private schools in 2023 it seems. If charging VAT means some parents can no longer afford the fees, 1000's of these kids could be going to state schools. The school system is crumbling already without extra, unnecessary pressure. I recently wrote to YH about £miilions that is held by the Harlow and District Sports Trust. Their objectives allow them to get involved in activities which might benefit youngsters. I am still waiting on a response from them (discourteous in my view to not even acknowledge my email). However neither Labour under Chris Vince nor the Conservatives more recently have chosen to exercise their right to appoint nominees to the Trust. Sadly, neither Chris, Dan nor Robert Halfon responded to YH-it seems that our politicians love to spout their ideas but will never discuss them on here.

Dan Long
2024-01-25 20:56:31

This is a bit rich coming fro. You Chris, when it is your left wing members and supporters who are the biggest culprits,when it comes to crime that is committed in this town. The Truth hurts doesn't it Chris

2024-01-25 22:45:09

James Leppard - It may well be empty rhetoric from Chris Vince, but I think we are all just so tired - Maybe Austerity was storing up problems and we are seeing them now, but it just seems that it is the chaos and corruption of the last 8 years that has really hollowed out this country and its service and its institutions - The Tory Party used to be full of Good People (including a few Brexiteers!) - they’ve nearly all gone now and the candidates for the leadership are all low calibre fruitloops. I think we can reminisce about Tony Blair’s ‘Tough on Crime , tough on the causes of crime’ with a certain fondness now.

2024-01-26 02:35:45

Bring in Singapore style punishments where 33 offences -including murder, drug trafficking, terrorism, use of firearms and kidnapping—warrant the death penalty. Hold a national referendum on restoring the death penalty. Let's be democratic. Check their crime rates versus ours! Too soft, too politically correct, too woke.

2024-01-26 15:44:53

The Singapore population is 6 million, the UK's is 54 million. The UK is also 334 times bigger than Singapore. Even the Singaporeans say the UK shouldn't use their countly as a model. And much of America has the death penalty - doesn't do them much good as their murder rate is 4 times higher than ours.

2024-01-26 22:59:09

What has the size of population and land area got to do with types of punishment for crimes??? Can't see the relevance. Also, the USA does not have the death penalty per se. It is a federal system and a matter for the individual states.

2024-01-26 23:57:33

And so it begins, after the notable weeks of silence from the Tory “twitterate” or should that be YourHarlow ate.. their comms, department have unleashed the hounds… so be it. (Though dear readers please please do not forget the past weeks of continued Tory infighting and directional and leadership weakness .and the utter utter shambles and failure of our MP with regards the SFG school …shameful...these people can’t govern their own party let alone the town /country!!!) That aside, in fairness I do have to acknowledge the local impact of the certain aspects current regime… Mr Vince your party need to up your game.. no room for poll complacency… my goodness we need change.. but need to be convinced you are it.

2024-01-27 08:41:14

The answer is bring back national service. Let's see how brave these teens are then . Perhaps the army can teach them a bit of respect

2024-04-13 06:54:00

I can't work out which of these fantastic comments will reduce crime more, Eddie's - where we will train every young person how to kill. Or Lynda's rolling back of the death penalty, that'll definitely settle things down. Maybe we could combine the two, I just need to figure out the logistics.

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