Harlow community rally round after heartless thieves break into ninety-year old veteran’s allotment

Communities / Fri 26th Jan 2024 at 04:07pm

HEARTLESS thieves broke into the allotment shed of a ninety year-old army veteran in Harlow.

Fred Searing’s allotment in Linford End, off Three Horseshoes Road is his pride and joy.

So you can imagine his heartache when he turned up last weekend to find his shed had been broken into and a lot of tools and instruments stolen.

Among the items stolen were electrical tools, fishing gear, battery operated hand tools with chargers.

All these tools had been collected over 40 years. A number of the tools are of deeply sentimental value.

But the local community have rallied around to help him.

The Golden Swift pub has a collection box at the bar and regulars are helping Fred out there.

His granddaughter Kayleigh has started a Go FundMe page to help replace a lot of the specialist tools


There has also been a lot of help from his fellow allotment holders in Linford End. It is a lovely community down there and they have been helping a great deal.

If you have any information, contact us at [email protected] and we will pass it on.

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7 Comments for Harlow community rally round after heartless thieves break into ninety-year old veteran’s allotment:

2024-01-26 21:32:10

Utter scumbags to have done this.

Luke Burton
2024-01-26 22:13:10

Crime is out of control in this town. The police and intelligence services need to do something drastic.

2024-01-27 07:39:15

You cannot believe the low life in this town. But Fred why keep such expensive gear in an allotment shed , especially with no frosting on the window. I hope you get all your tools etc back. I know how you feel when older tools you constantly use are lost .

2024-01-27 10:09:15

Oh my goodness when is this trouble that is constantly going around Harlow ever going to stop, it's one thing after another every day & making it a hell hole to live, especially around the elderly as that's seems to be happening a lot recently. There is no words to describe these people who are acting out these terrible things against the elderly, it sickens me it makes me so angry, go out get a job buy your own items you desire. I feel that if I could find these malicious evil low sic nasty individuals, I would take away the things that matter to them, do back the evil things they do to others then put them all on an island of its own where there is NO escape & let them rot. Do they not have quilt or feelings because it beats me how these people of what ever age possess them to do such wicked things in life especially the elderly yet not have a conscience.

2024-01-27 10:26:46

I am so very sorry, dear Fred Searing, for your heartbreak! I totally understand that it's not just the material value of the stolen items. These reckless people don't think about the emotional damage they cause until they should experience this themselves. I very much hope that, with the help of a loving surrounding, you can gradually feel that your pain is lessening.

2024-01-28 13:53:07

Catch them and flog them in public. Absolutely worthless creatures.

2024-01-28 17:58:13

- or Lynda, you could celebrate that caring locals have raided close to £1,500 for Fred.

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