Football: Harlow Town confirm they will not be promoted this season

Football / Fri 2nd Feb 2024 at 04:40pm

HARLOW Town Football Club has confirmed that one of the consequences of dropping out of the league last season is that they will not be promoted this season.

On Wednesday night an away victory saw them go to the top of the league, however, on Friday, they issued a statement on their club website.

It appears that the FA have confirmed what the rules are.

A spokesperson said: “”Much has been written and spoken about with regards to our failed pitch installation and our subsequent withdrawal from the Southern League at the end of 2022.

We worked hard and at significant expense managed to remedy the pitch issues with a major repair programme and still await the outcome of the legal case that was brought.

“The penalties for our withdrawal from the league have been plentiful and broad reaching to include, fines, loss of revenue, reputational damage, an inability to play in the FA Cup and of course the 2 step relegation into the Eastern Counties League.

“In the last week we have been formally made aware that a further penalty for our withdrawal is that we cannot be promoted from our current division for at least one season after withdrawal. This we are sure is subject to an appeal process however feel that further appeals would prove to be as futile as the original one we lodged upon being relegated 2 steps. We are unsure whether our fellow league members have been made formally aware of this fact however think that highly unlikely based upon how teams have approached fixtures against us.

“This formal notification comes at a time that we sit top of the league however can re-confirm that even if we are fortunate enough to secure what should be a play off place that an offer of a place will not be made to us.

“It seems quite ridiculous that we could however fall foul of relegation if our league position dictated that.

“What we have built this season in terms of squad and supporter base at the level we are at is quite frankly incredible and as always, we have conducted ourselves professionally and done things the right way and to the best of our abilities.

“This latest setback it a bitter pill to swallow and if the timings of the legal outcomes from our case had been different, we are sure the grounds for appeal would be there however that is now highly unlikely and as such we must turn our attentions to next season and once again the longevity of our wonderful club. That said we still have opportunities in the League Cup competition and a league position to play for.

“We’re sure you will agree that the squad has provided great entertainment throughout this season and more than ever will require your support for the remainder of this season to carry into next.

“Our home support has been phenomenal all season as has the incredible travelling support, swelling many away clubs’ attendances as result and for that we thank you”.

YH has contacted the FA with a number of questions.

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2 Comments for Football: Harlow Town confirm they will not be promoted this season:

2024-02-03 01:46:48

So when they reach the play off, they just let the other team have a bye.? Seems unfair

Danny Caine
2024-02-03 09:30:38

Harlow Fc must have known this at the start of the season, and kept this to themselves to ensure getting the players signed and supporters attendance. Many supporters have spent a considerable amount of money supporting home and away games, and players giving blood and sweat. They have duped us all (including players) for their own gain, Shane on them Be honest from the start

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