Harlow Labour launch petition over speeding on Commonside Road

General / Sun 11th Feb 2024 at 08:54am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has expressed his concerns about the lack of action taken to curb speeding on Commonside Road.

Chris Vince said: “It was over two years ago that local Conservative councillors took to the streets to celebrate funding that they had apparently secured from Essex County Council to tackle the issue of speeding along Commonside Road. Yet two years on little progress has been made and the stretch of road which passes by the Rundells and Latton Green estates remains perilous for pedestrians”.

Local resident Anthony Watkins said: “After nearly two years and a lot of emails back and forwards nothing has been done, unfortunately nothing more than I expected.”

Labour Parliamentary candidate Chris Vince has recently launched an online petition, with the link below, calling on Essex County Council to get on with the job of keeping our residents safe. 

He added: ‘Like everyone who has ever used that particular stretch of road I know that when residents get in touch with me and describe it as ‘an accident waiting to happen’ that they are not exaggerating and continue to push the County Councillors who represent the area to finally get the ball rolling and put in the traffic calming measures we were promised.

Sadly Essex County Council seem to be in no hurry to tackle the issues facing our town’s roads.  Not only can you see this from the state of the roads and traffic islands, but also in the fact as a local councillor when I am chasing issues (such as a proposed one-way system in my ward) the speed at which things get done is practically snail paced. If only the same could be said for the traffic on Commonside road.’

Chris has launched a petition urgently calling on Essex County Council to address this situation which you can sign following the link below

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Harlow Councillors secure Commonside Road speeding action – Your Harlow

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour launch petition over speeding on Commonside Road:

2024-02-11 09:46:13

Unfortunately the criterion for getting anything done is a fatal accident. Against the basic philosophy of Health and Safety, Essex CC, near misses aren't regarded as significant and are ignored. Even when there is a dreadful fatal RTA as in Church Langley Way last year the Councils do very little, very slowly and have to be encouraged/ forced by petitions that only seem to be recognised just before local elections!

Guy Flegman
2024-02-11 10:27:20

Sounds like a matter for the police. Not a political issue. That is of course unless the police can no longer do their job due to political reasons, which we are constantly being told is not the case.

2024-02-11 10:39:40

These issues with the roads within Harlow does not lie with Harlow council but with Essex County Council apparently. Which party is in power over the years do not take responsibility for local safety and welfare. I have spent four years trying to get an answer to Katherine's Way speed limit, road used as a race track by certain types of road users, the noise pollution, the air pollution caused by the high speed creating health issues to the residents backing onto that road. The councillors for the area has not even communicated to inform that they have received the complaint. Lost in transit, eh!

Brian wilson
2024-02-11 11:43:06

Why is it around Waterhouse Moor, church leys there is a 20 M.P.H Speed Limit and Harlow Council can't put a Speed restriction on all Side Rounds in Harlow, I can reduce the Speed limit on Tumbler Road, by walking in front of traffic, because if they don't slow down and hit me, it could be a prison cell for them.

2024-02-11 13:58:57

The police are far too busy dealing with people insulting each other on Facebook to bother with trivial things like dangerous driving.

2024-02-11 17:49:32

Not only Commonside road with a speeding problem. Practically every roundabout in the town has an issue with idiot drivers who approach the roundabouts as if it's the start of an F1 Grand Prix. Trying to get around before anyone else even if they don't have the right of way. Around 80% of drivers in Harlow should be nowhere near a vehicle as the standard of driving is appalling.

2024-02-11 17:56:10

Must be an election coming up!

Trevor PYLE
2024-02-11 19:56:56

Harlow Council can't determine whether a road should have a 20mph speed limit. It is the perogative of Essex. The legislation is there. They can impose them tomorrow if they want, but they don't. I would welcome a 20mph in my road. Narrow, densely populated, children and used as acute through. But with Tory government spending cuts reducing their funds to 40% of what it was in 2010, even solid Tory Essex said they spend the least they can on roads which in their own words 'is a managed decline' in repairs etc.

2024-02-12 17:32:55

Charlie, whilst I agree that there are some 'dicks' who speed and cut up on roundabouts and jump traffic lights, I think 80% is over-egging it a bit, probably more like 80% of these are due to 20% of the drivers in and around the town ! That said, there is nothing more satisfying (is there!) than when you pull up behind them at the next junction, traffic light or roundabout, where they have got absolutely nowhere really...just 'dicks' who never learn!

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