Ministers confirm plan to ban use of mobile phones in schools in England

General / Mon 19th Feb 2024 at 09:37am

MINISTERS have confirmed plans to ban the use of mobile phones in English schools, releasing guidance for headteachers which some unions said included practices that had already been widely adopted reports The Guardian.

However, one headteacher welcomed the Department for Education (DfE) plan, saying it would help give schools the confidence to make a change which would benefit pupils but could meet resistance from parents.

YH understands that nearly all Harlow schools already have formal as well as informal rule is place.

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2 Comments for Ministers confirm plan to ban use of mobile phones in schools in England:

Mark Ingall
2024-02-19 11:41:33

In the last twenty years I have worked in half a dozen schools and visited some thirty others. All of them already had a mobile phone policy which banned their use on school premises. Most operated a "if we see it or hear it, then we will confiscate it" rule. The announcement today is not new, the guidance first came out in October, it will change nothing, and it does nothing to address the real issues facing schools. Headteachers I speak to are worried about not being able to recruit qualified science and maths teachers, crumbling school buildings and the cuts they are forced to make to teaching assistants and other staff. More hot air from a government that has run out of ideas.

2024-02-19 22:00:09

Maybe they'll ban them in parliament next.

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