Review: As She Likes It at the Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Sun 25th Feb 2024 at 10:09am

LAST week, Your Harlow reporter, Alice Read reviewed the production of “As SHE Likes It” at the Harlow Playhouse.

This was a challenging work to see and review.

Alice has broken down her review into a series of themes.

  • Script: I loved the script, it is so well written, being a perfect combination of sharp, witty, funny, and cleverly explores themes that resonate throughout the play,allowing the audience to be educated on unspoken topics, as the play shines light on the shadows cast by patriarchy.
  • The fusion of live theatre, the acting being so up close and personal, along with filmed footage adds depth. This really allowed me to connect with the characters and I was fully immersed in the play.
  • Themes: As SHE Likes It confronts the cultural legacy of sexism and exploitation within the film industry. It challenges the norms while confronting stereotypes. I absolutely loved the parallels from start to finish. Highlighting the change and impact that has happened over the years, slowly fighting sexism while empowering women and this play demonstrates this amazingly. The play strongly encourages action as well as reflection making it thought- provoking and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Acting: The live theatrical element was something I had not experienced before, although I was pleasantly surprised. I was immediately engaged and loved every minute of it, the acting was spectacular. How they were able to keep the audience engaged, even while dealing with dark subject matter. Adding moments of laughter, shock, and celebration while also interacting with the audience created such a dynamic experience.
  • I liked how the actresses were first introduced as stereotypical female roles such as ‘damsel in distress, leading lady, sex symbol, comedy Queen and girl next door’ where they then fought this by playing male roles within this play and making the female roles very powerful and have clear character development which I think is very important again showing the impact and change within society.
  • I loved the diversity within the play, focusing on so many pressing issues at once, which can sometimes have a big effect on the mood of the play when touching on such dark topics, although this play was never boring and very immersive, from lighting, acting, directing, props, and scripts being used in such clever ways to bring this to life.
  • Conclusion
  • This play has left such an impact on me, it has educated me so much on important topics within the film industry now and 90 years ago and the real change society has had. I found it so intriguing and engaging.
  • I would highly recommend seeing this play!! It Is very fun to watch, while also being very educational giving you insight into issues causing you to really think and reflect while also falling in love with plays as I did.
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6 Comments for Review: As She Likes It at the Harlow Playhouse:

Bernie Clarke
2024-02-25 11:28:42

Well done Alice. Great review of ‘As she likes it’ Look forward to reading more of your reviews over the coming months and years. Keep up your brilliant work. Xxx

Stacey ward
2024-02-25 19:53:11

Well done alice, I am one very proud mum. Keep up all your good work, this piece of work is brilliant, can't wait for the next one.

Danielle Pink
2024-02-25 20:26:58

Great review Alice. Keep up the excellent work x

Danielle Pink
2024-02-25 20:27:32

Great review Alice. Keep up the excellent work. Well done to you

Kay Morrison
2024-03-01 06:44:20

Your review makes me wish I'd seen the play, Alice. Thank you!

Julie Taylor
2024-03-03 10:32:59

Great review Alice. I’m looking forward to reading more from you x

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