Football: Essex Grassroots to take part in Silent Support weekend

Football / Wed 28th Feb 2024 at 07:37am

THE FA want everyone in the grassroots football community to join in with the 2024 National Silent Support Weekend on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March to promote respect in youth football across England.

Too often, there are too many voices from the touchline, too many opinions, and too much unnecessary distraction. The FA want as many people as possible to play an important part and the aim is simple: to raise awareness of the need to create a positive and pressure-free environment in which children can enjoy football and learn to love and develop their game.

The FA are encouraging spectators and coaches to show their support during the match through applause only. This will reduce pressure and confusion and give players a better opportunity to find their own voice and develop their game. All spectators have to do is not talk, but they can still applaud good play from both teams.

Leagues who’d like to take part can use the form accessible via www.essexfa.com to sign-up your league to take part. This form should only be completed by league officials. Tell us your thoughts about the experience by interacting with @EssexCountyFA on Twitter/X and by searching for the ‘EssexFootball’ page on Facebook.

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