Community champion Carly Burd brings free food delivery service to a close (but as one chapter closes….another one begins!)

Lifestyle / Sun 3rd Mar 2024 at 01:37pm

AWARD-winning community champion Carly Burd has decided to bring to an end her delivery of food parcels to needy families across Harlow.

Since 2022, Carly and her team of volunteers have delivered close to 4,000 much-needed packages to those struggling with the cost of living.

Carly has detailed her reasons why she is stopping on her social media page called A Meal On Me With Love.

Carly said: “Doing the parcels has been an amazing journey and I have loved helping to get as many people as possible through the cost of living crisis.

“Over the last three years we have fed almost 3800 people, with food parcels alone let alone the free food we place outside.

Every bit of the weekly process has been done voluntarily from collection, packing through to delivery and I cannot thank everyone enough as well as those that donated and supported us.

“As we are coming towards the planned increase of benefits we feel this is the time to bring it to a conclusion.

“I have my own personal battle coming up which will mean for a while I would be unable to continue to do so anyway due to another treatment scheduled very soon

“We have made note of everyone left on the list and will do our very best to fulfil their request”.

When she made the announcement, dozens of well-wishers thanked her for all her work. There are many many people who are truly grateful.


This may be a good time to signpost readers to the organisations who can help people, who may, despite “planned increase in benefits”, still be struggling

Some organisations are food and supplie- centred. Others may have access to food on an ad hoc basis.

The Harlow Foodbank

Community Embrace

Butterfly Effect


Changing Lives Community Services


Citizens Advice Bureau



Carly’s next project looks like a partnership with local schools in order to develop kitchen gardens in their grounds .

YH understands that Carly is in talks with Tanys Dell Primary School to set up some form of gardening club.

She told her followers on social media: “After this I’m really excited about moving forward with our school pilot scheme and getting kids out, growing and learning the craft of gardening”.

Carly look like she is very energised regarding this project as she has stated she hopes pupils will learn a little more about: “Entrepreneurial skills…financial skills…community involvement..social skills”.

And judging by recent posts, there might be a little political education thrown in for free!

With Carly’s recent clashes with the political powers that be, we reckon if she stood for council in May or MP) she might get quite a few votes! With her recent support of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, who shared a platform with Donald Trump, it could be MAGA time in Harlow (Make Allotments Great Again).

We say this because Carly doesn’t seem to be any further forward in realising her dream of developing the allotment in Fold Croft.

As you may recall…https://www.yourharlow.com/2023/12/10/will-harlows-community-champion-carly-burd-ever-see-her-allotment-of-dreams-become-a-reality/

It all still seems to be with the lawyers.

This must be frustrating on a number of levels, not least of which that as a consequence there seems some form of block to the £254,213 raised via the GoFundMe page being distributed.

The GoFundMe page hasn’t been updated for several months but we would imagine those who donated, (from celebrities like Dragon’s Den star Stephen Bartlett and Gary Lineker, to many many Harlow residents) will be keen to be updated as to how things are going.

But as we have said before, there seems to be a lot of things in Harlow that take a long long time to sort out.

And if the Fold Croft allotment doesn’t work out, then wouldn’t it be a magnificent legacy if the monies went to other allotments in Harlow such as First Avenue Allotments, Plant Pots and Wellies, Potter Street and Church Langley, Herts and Essex Community Farm?

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17 Comments for Community champion Carly Burd brings free food delivery service to a close (but as one chapter closes….another one begins!):

David Forman
2024-03-04 00:47:23

Great suggestion from YourHarlow Editor Michael Casey in the final paragraph of this news item.

2024-03-04 00:49:53

As has been said by others before, the funds raised by her through GoFundMe were to enable her to feed the community of Harlow by developing the allotment that Harlow Council allowed her to use, for FREE, for many months. The funds were not donated to establish gardening projects in schools. Why has she not consulted with those who donated the money to find out whether they agree that the funds they donated can be used for this? She has just decided, without any permission from the donators, that she is going to spend the donations on what SHE wants to spend them on! She and her followers claim that Harlow Council have caused delays and blocked her access to the allotment site. In fact, the Council made it clear from the outset that they could only lease the land to a charitable organisation and what did she decide to do - set up as a Ltd company! All of the delays from that point forward have been caused by her, not Harlow Council. She complains that they have put barriers in her way, when it is she who caused those barriers. I cannot believe that any school leader would be prepared to have a woman who wishes for the likes of President Nayib Bukele to be the leader of the UK, and spouts conspiracy theories, to have any influence on the children in their care. I know that I wouldn’t want a child of mine to have any contact with her whatsoever. To say that the food parcels are no longer required because of the (small) increase in benefits is madness. This is a farce and something needs to be done about it.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-04 09:53:11

James Leppard, did you block her.??, did Harlow council block her. ??

2024-03-04 10:02:08

Why does it take a newspaper article to make Carly update the GoFundMe page. She updated it hours AFTER YourHarlow published this article. I am sure she will try to claim that she updated it before, but this would be untrue. Her update says that she is setting up mini allotments on unused land on school grounds. I don’t think kitchen gardens in primary schools could be classed as allotments! Nor will the food produced be distributed to the community, which is what the funds were raised for. I am sure donators would be far happier if the funds were given to local foodbank type organisations or community allotments.

2024-03-04 10:04:43

Nayib Bukele is one of the best leaders in the western world. You dislike him James because he actually gets stuff done and has made El Salvador the safest nation in the western hemisphere. Talk to El Salvadorians, they'll express their love and admiration for him since many are finally going back to El Salvador. Funny isn't it, how dare Nayib get rid of those amazing drug cartels who behead people and ruin the lives of everyone!

Carly Burd
2024-03-04 10:06:10

Hi there James, The council is aware that I changed to a C.I.C back in December and I would be happy to discuss the reasons behind the decision to become a LtD company at the star with you if you give me a call. Regarding your question about spending money on allotments for the children, I strongly believe it is a great idea. It not only allows the children to grow their own food and learn about the environment, but it also gives them the opportunity to raise money for the school and develop their entrepreneurial skills. It also provides them with valuable time outdoors for their mental health and educates them on recycling and its benefits. The money that was donated to my cause is specifically aimed at helping to feed our local community, and implementing these allotments aligns perfectly with that goal. I appreciate your comment, but I am confident that supporting the children in this way will have numerous positive impacts on our local community. Thank you for raising the concern, but I believe this is a valuable and worthwhile initiative. Best regards, Carly

2024-03-04 10:15:57

P.S im still doing FREE food outside mine for the community ♥️

2024-03-04 10:20:26

Carly, thank you for your reply. However, I believe that this should be a public discussion, not a private verbal one. The questions I have asked are ones that the public are entitled to an answer to, not merely a personal conversation between you and I. I have no doubt, as demonstrated by the public’s interest in Your Harlow’s articles, that I am far from the only one with such questions. You are correct, the funds were donated to feed the local community. You state that you believe setting up a kitchen garden in a school aligns with that aim. Will the food the children grow be distributed in weekly food parcels to the needy in Harlow? How exactly does this project meet the terms of the GoFundMe fundraiser? I suggest that you have a full and frank interview with YourHarlow and answer the numerous questions they have raised.

2024-03-04 11:24:07

James, I understand your concern, but actually, I am under a C.I.C regular and as long as I comply with their regulations, I am in good standing. Thank you

Ken Horlaw
2024-03-04 11:59:18

The General Public will be fuming when they find out that nothing has been done with the money they donated, or that it may now be redirected to some random schools project that isn't what the donations were for. But that will be nothing compared to their fury when they hear that a huge chunk of it will have to be given to HMRC soon when the annual accounts come around and so taxes become due. Let's stop blaming Harlow council, the simple fact is that they couldn't write up a contract with a CIC that didn't exist until very recently, and it absolutely is not their fault that setting that CIC up has taken until December, when it should have been a couple of days. Especially when so much money was available in the fund to get proper professional advice and just get it done. The best solution of a bad situation is to give the money over either to one of the other far more successful and properly run community allotment projects, or to one of the full time Harlow food back charities who have the contacts and experience to do great things with it.

2024-03-04 12:17:29

You clearly do not understand the PUBLICS concern otherwise, as James has suggested, you would have a full and frank discussion with a journalist regarding all of the concerns that have been raised in the comments sections of the recent YourHarlow articles. Is this something you are prepared to do? If not, please explain your reasons. Incidentally, the CIC regulations are not the only regulations you must comply with, you cannot hide completely behind that shield I’m afraid. Although some of the GoFundMe donations (the public have no idea how much was spent before you finally established a CIC) have now been asset locked within that organisation, I must point out that the funds were not raised by A Meal on Me with Love CIC, but were raised by you, as an individual, for the specific purpose of works on the allotment and feeding the community via food parcels. What makes you believe that the funds, donated to you as an individual for a restricted purpose, can be spent on something entirely different?

Angela Pottermore
2024-03-04 13:50:56

Anyone who donated to the fundraiser who is concerned that the funds are being used for a different purpose can request a full refund from GoFundMe.

2024-03-04 14:34:33

Anyone, even those who did not donate to the fundraiser, can register a complaint with GoFundMe if they are concerned that the funds will not be spent on the purpose they were donated for.

2024-03-04 16:26:58

It's high time there was transparency about what's happened to the money donated to run the allotment. I hope Harlow Council take legal action against the slander said about them. They bent over backwards to accommodate Carly but she didn't fill in the CIC paperwork properly for Company's House so CH had to send it back to be filled in properly. Harlow Council is not the side that messed this up. The school needs to think long and hard before getting involved in this new pie in the sky scheme.

2024-03-05 09:37:46

This was never about Carly helping people in need, this was only ever about Carly wanting to play act the benevolent for head pats from people kinder than her who believe her claims of wanting to help people. Look at AMOMWL facebook, she treats those people who are struggling with zero dignity; she forces them to publicly beg for updates from her because she refuses to answer them privately. Imagine lording it over vulnerable people, deciding when you will/won’t answer a simple question- they only want to know if/when they will receive the food (food which, ironically, she dangles like a carrot above their heads). Saint Carly the Benevolent meanwhile avoids the simplest question of them all; If her true aim was EVER about helping other people who were struggling to feed themselves as she claims, why has she sat on near £250K for over a year whilst people go hungry????????????? Carly is abusing her privilege here in the most shocking way, she’s decided it’s her money, not money to help them. She’s decided it’s better people go hungry and wait for help then it would be for her just to humble herself and admit she’s not the one who can help them right now because she’s failed to get the allotment scheme up and running. THIS is the true Carly, the woman who would rather not donate the money to established food banks and the local allotment schemes that could help feed these people NOW (when she can’t), the woman who’s only in it for the glory and will let people go hungry NOW to prove that point. I’d love to ask these questions direct to you on Facebook Carly but you don’t allow any comments that you don’t pre-approve so I can’t. Why do you need to go to the trouble of curating a narrative on your facebook if you have nothing to hide and are willing to explain what you are doing with the PUBLIC’S money?

2024-03-06 11:24:36

Carly is trying to help the allotment site in 1st Ave get access to their plots in the autumn, winter and bad weather by funding a path / road so all people with plots can access them. She is having to wait until her solicitor gets back from holiday to see if he will release the money to fund this.

2024-03-06 12:00:28

Thank you for that interesting snippet of information Pauline. What is your involvement, as you appear to be privy to information that she hasn’t posted? As others have requested, I suggest that Ms Burd arranges an honest and open discussion with YourHarlow (who appear to be the only news platform CURRENTLY covering the developments, or lack thereof, in Ms Burd’s project to feed those in need in Harlow). This would be the opportunity for YourHarlow to raise the concerns that the community of Harlow have expressed and for Ms Burd to give open and honest answers. If she is not prepared to do this it compounds the suspicions of the community. In her update video earlier this year, which has been referenced in the comments of previous YourHarlow posts, Ms Burd stated that she would arrange a meeting with the community to enable the community to decide what the funds should be used for (if the allotment project did not go ahead). Unfortunately, this was a promise that Ms Burd decided to ignore, as she unilaterally decided that school kitchen gardens were the way forward. It is clear from the comments that the community do not agree and wish the funds to be used to feed those in need in Harlow (despite the fact that Ms Burd seems to now believe it’s no longer necessary and that the Cost Of Living crisis has ended) This is not an issue that is ‘going to go away’ and I suggest that Ms Burd confronts it now.