Athletics: Incredibly busy week for Harlow Running and Tri-Club

Athletics / Fri 8th Mar 2024 at 05:29pm

THE LAST week has been a very busy week for members of Harlow Running and Tri Club.

Starting with Park Run. There have been some big parkrun milestones at Harlow over the past few weeks starting with an amazing 500th Park Run on Saturday the 24th of April by Jon Waight. For this milestone, the club wore club vests or the Park Run apricot colours. A week later on the 2nd of March, there were more milestones with Andy Terrell’s 250th, Mick Maddams, and Jane Evans’s 150th, John’s 100th, and Jamie’s 50th.

Although the club doesn’t need much excuse to dress up in fancy dress, it was a great effort for those who chose to do so, making the parkrun an entertaining affair and keeping with the Park Run fun-run ethos. Also of note, club member Terri Wiley came 1st female on both these Saturdays so a massive well done to her.

On Sunday the 25th of April, members took part in the London 10k Winter Run which due to the chill in the air lived up to its name. TJ Rowlands, who was running this race for the first time stated: “It is such a lovely place to run around, central London traffic-free. The route was amazing, and we ended up going right up into the City area from Trafalgar Square. It was also nice to get encouragement and waves from other local running clubs such as Bishops Stortford and Harlow’s Innovation Multisport showing what a great sport running is through supporting and encouraging each other”

305 Ryan Smith 39.15
2205 Ellie Wiseman 47.51 (PB by 3.59)
4364 Frankie Forsyth 52.54
4581 Kelly McGill 53.16 (Debut)
6227 Dan Winter 56.11
6348 Melissa Rowlands 56.25
6350 Kerry Pugsley 56.25
6365 TJ Rowlands 56.26
6400 Charleen Tillotson 56.29 (PB by 0.16)
7194 Alex Soady 57.45 (PB by 2.39)
8570 Sue Reilly 59.51
14598 Harriett Martin 1.12.38
14621 Debbie Reid 1.12.44 (Debut)
14623 Mick Gleeson 1.12.45
15134 Tracy Greenall 1.14.43
17481 Peter Berry 1.34.37

Sunday the 3rd of March saw three big race events for the club. The majority of members travelled north to take part in the Cambridge Half Marathon and as the results show there were so may PBs and debuts at that distance. Club captain Andrew Terrell stated that it was a great course, great weather and there was great support.

1358 Kevin Smith 1.31.30
1426 Catherine Ridge 1.32.16
1667 Grant Beuken 1.34.03 (PB by 5.02)
1693 Andy Terrell 1:34.13
1826 Chris Mella 1.35.07 (PB by 1.20)
1956 Jermaine Shand 1.36.05 (PB by 4.55)
1973 Marc Witham 1.36.15 (Debut)
2209 Shane Peacock 1.37.50 (PB)
2224 Tom Beales 1.37.55
2755 Bradley Power 1.40.50 (PB by 0.43)
2797 Richard Thornton 1.41.02 (PB by 6.05)
3634 Paige Bircham 1.45.05 (PB by 6.42)
4567 Mick Maddams 1.49.31
5940 Kelly Spires 1.55.31 (PB by 3.34)
6473 Rosie Lozeau 1.57.29 (Debut)
6731 Natalie Thornton 1.58.23 (PB by 0.14)
7852 Kelly McGill 2.03.35 (Debut)
8071 Louise Kedge 2.04.42
8081 Alison Wilkinson 2.04.44 (PB by 2.23)
9138 Claire Morris 2.10.31
9171 Nadine Bedi 2.10.42 (Debut)
9654 Charleen Tillotson 2.13.43 (PB by 4.08)
9940 Wendy Hunt 2.15.28 (Debut)
10191 Deborah Pomphret 2.17.13 (Debut)
11066 Kate Babb 2.24.45
12655 Alan Godbold 2.52.46 (Debut)

Some others travelled east to take part in the Chelmsford Half Marathon or 10k events, again picking up some impressive times and a couple of PBs

Half Marathon
365 Michelle Sheridan 1.48.35 (PB by 3.36)
452 Paul Dixon 1.52.20
584 Tracy Stratford 1.56.38
726 Amy-Louise Ironmonger 2.02.01 (PB by 21.01)
1064 Selina Morgan 2.25.17

297 Luella Dixon 1.03.23

Another four members made their way to Stratford to take part in the High-Performance London Half Marathon or 10k at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The half distance was completed by
1377 Ella Wager 1.52.37
1409 Ellie Wiseman 1.53.50

The 10k by
48 Sam Spurgeon 42.44 (Debut)
133 Allison Beeton 46.45 (1st F55-59, and a new club record F55-59 by 0.43, previously set in October 2023)

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