Carly Burd and the Fold Croft allotment: A change in our editorial policy

Your Say / Mon 11th Mar 2024 at 05:47pm

AS you may know, since August 2022, we have reported on a number of stories involving Harlow resident Carly Burd and the Fold Croft allotment.

On Monday afternoon, we received and published a statement from Ms Burd’s solicitors (Whiskers) which detailed the state of play, that is to say, their part in negotiations and where those negotiations stand as of March 2024.

We received a further e mail sent to us as well as our press regulators, Impress.

The e-mail states: “Our attention has been drawn to anonymously posted comments that you have displayed online and in relation to our above named Client.

“A number of these comments are clearly libellous of our Client, others we believe amount to online hate mail, at least one comment is nothing more than misogynistic hate.

You should not permit your publication to be a platform for the above and we should be grateful if you would kindly take more care in reviewing comments forwarded to you for posting, before allowing such.

“If our Client is visited with further misogynistic hate via your publication, we will advise our Client to pursue the matter with the upmost vigour”.

We take such correspondence very seriously. In the sixteen years, we have been running digital newspapers, we have never been the subject of legal action or indeed the subject of a substantiated complaint.

However, we have taken the decision at this time, for now, to disable all comments in stories regarding Carly Burd.

We are just giving people a little bit of time to stand back from the matter in hand. At some stage, we may well allow commenting again.

A bit like a traffic calming measure.

For now: If you would like to comment then you are welcome to send in a letter to the editor, which we will then consider for publication.

We will continue to report on this matter as we believe there is a great deal of public interest. There is a difference between what the public find interesting and public interest.

Your Harlow is an award-winning community newspaper that last year celebrated its tenth birthday. As part of our tenth birthday we were invited to a Downing Street reception, as part of a Local Heroes reception.

We have published over 33,000 stories in the ten years, and our main object is to celebrate all that is good in Harlow and we will continue to do so.

Michael Casey


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