Teenager arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife in Harlow town centre

Crime / Mon 18th Mar 2024 at 02:24pm

OFFICERS working to try and keep you safe in Harlow over the weekend arrested a boy on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

Officers had set up an Opengate system, which is used to detect weapons as people walk between two poles, on Saturday afternoon and had indicated for a number of people to walk through it.

One person did not and ran off through the Harvey Centre. He was spotted discarding his rucksack, before disappearing into a nearby housing estate.

Work by officers identified the suspect and a team of officers, supported by the Dog Unit, were able to arrest him.

This work formed part of Operation Grip, a nationally recognised policing model, which focuses on specific areas where the likelihood of a serious or violent crime happening is higher and police target those areas with high visibility patrols and, when appropriate, stop and search activity.

Harlow District Commander, Chief Inspector Paul Austin, said: “Targeted and visible policing in these hotspot areas is part of our proactive approach to tackling violence, taking weapons off the streets, and keeping people safe.

“Our clear message to people who are thinking of leaving their house and carrying a weapon is `don’t’. 

“It’s not worth it and our officers are monitoring you in a number of ways, including proactive visible patrols, alongside covert operations.”

A 16-year-old boy, who was arrested by officers, has been released under investigation. Our enquiries continue. 

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4 Comments for Teenager arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife in Harlow town centre:

P****D off mum
2024-03-19 01:17:26

Did you find the knife wielding thugs from the ladyshot/cook Spinney area? All the armed officers in Balaclavas and the rest of the scary stuff like 4x4’s out side of the cooks Spinney school entrance. No school staff or parents aware of what was happening at the end of the school day?!? Yay!!! Great job.!! I get emails all the time about “lockdown protocols and procedures practices,” by the school. Every time I’m scared how my children will react to these “drills.” This would have been a time that these drills would have made it worth it. But NO. Btw! Great work for taking another knife off the street. More bobbies please. And try to communicate with a school BEFORE a helicopter is up and armed officers are on foot patrol.

2024-03-19 13:21:47

Doubt anything will be done. They usually just inform the kids how long the knife has to be before they will fret “in trouble” 🙄

2024-03-19 19:05:09

This is the second knife incident in the last couple of weeks. Not safe in this pit of a town.

2024-03-19 19:42:37

Carnt believe what harlow is coming to kids with knives

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