Candidates announced for Harlow District Council Election 2024

Elections / Mon 8th Apr 2024 at 02:30pm

THE candidates standing in the Harlow Council elections on Thursday 2 May 2024 have been announced today.

The full list of candidates are below.

There are 101 candidates in total.

There are candidates from the Conservatives, Labour, Green, Harlow Alliance Party, Lib Dem, UKIP. TUSC and one independent.

The full list and details can be found on Harlow Council’s website at


Bush Fair

Jodi Dunne (Labour)

Kay Morrison (Labour)

Mark Ingall (Labour)

Nidhi Hindocha (Conservative)

Collen Morrison (Conservative)

Brian Kasule (Conservative)

Dan Long (UKIP)

Hannah Bolton (Green)

Dave Margetts (Green)

Jennifer Steadman (Green)

William Tennison (Liberal Democrat)


Church Langley North and Newhall

Mike Hardware (Conservative)

Andrew Johnston (Conservative)

Dan Swords (Conservative)

Michelle Margetts (Green)

Bengeman White (Green)

Simon O’Dell (Labour)

John Solomon (Labour)

Edna Stevens (Labour)


Church Langley South and Potter Street

Danielle Brown (Conservative)

James Leppard (Conservative)

Nicola Purse (Conservative)

Christine Gallacher (Labour)

Jeff Mace (Labour)

Emma Mullard-Toal (Labour)

Tina Richardson (Green)

Gary Roberts (Independent)


Great Parndon

David Carter (Conservative)

Hannah Ellis (Conservative)

Matthew Saggers (Conservative)

Roșie Jackson (Labour)

Allan Jolley (Labour)

Harry Tennison (Labour)

Vicki O’Brien (Green)

Liz Pike (Green)

Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party)


Latton Bush and Stewards

Alastair Gunn (Conservative)

Stacy Seales (Conservative)

John Steer (Conservative)

Tina Higginson (Green)

Jack Margetts (Green)

Luke Howard (Labour)

Peiyee O’Dell (Labour)

Phil Waite (Labour)

Karen James (Harlow Alliance Party)


Little Parndon and Town Centre

Klara Bow (Green)

Danielle Kemm (Green)

Caroline Schellin-Jolley (Green)

Dan Brown (Conservative)

Geoffrey Longster (Conservative)

Anne Richards (Conservative)

Tony Durcan (Labour)

Maggie Hulcoop (Labour)

Chris Vince (Labour)


Mark Hall

Simon Carter (Conservative)

Fahreday Purse (Conservative)

John Purse (Conservative)

Mark Gough (UKIP)

Michael Houlihan (Labour)

Aiden O’Dell (Labour)

Lanie Shears (Labour)

Ernesto Johnson (Green)

Paul King (Green)

Julie Taylor (Green)

Lesley Rideout (Liberal Democrats)



Wendy Carter (Conservatives)

Elena Hardware (Conservatives)

Vic Petch (Conservatives)

James Griggs (Labour)

Stefan Mullard-Toal (Labour)

Nancy Watson (Labour)

Milly Judd (Green)

Adam Margetts (Green)

Robert Thurston (Liberal Democrats)


Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Conservative)

Mike Garnett (Conservative)

Sue Livings (Conservative)

Mike Danvers (Labour)

Liam Kerrigan (Labour)

Anita Schultschik (Labour)

Yasmin Gregory (Green)

Jacklyn Stansfield (Green)

Jacobus Van Der Poel (Green)

Paul Lenihan (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)



Steve Barnes (Harlow Alliance Party)

Tony Edwards (Labour)

Daniella Pritchard (Labour)

Jake Shepherd (Labour)

Michelle Field (Conservatives)

Amanda Maison (Conservatives)

Ash Malik (Conservatives)

Gareth Williams (Green)


Sumners and Kingsmoor

Dean Bull (Green)

Julie Bull (Green)

Robert Davis (Labour)

Cara Dunne (Labour)

Simon Vincent (Labour)

Emma Ghaffari (Conservative)

Russell Perrin (Conservative)

Clice Souter (Conservative)

Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party)

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31 Comments for Candidates announced for Harlow District Council Election 2024:

2024-04-08 15:00:14

Just one independent - shame

Bruce Downey
2024-04-08 15:38:26

It seems the Green Party are a bit light.. where is there star turn ?🤓 Publicity-Shy ? 📸 🚳

2024-04-08 15:50:14

No Reform standing 🤔

Gary keeling
2024-04-08 15:55:38

Church Langley South/potter street Needs someone that cares about potter street , the Conservative in at the moment only cares about church Langley because lives there !! Waste of space , get this one out and new blood in !!

2024-04-08 16:04:06

The council website show "local conservatives" although YH reports them as conservatives. Is this an attempt by Harlow conservatives to distance themselves from the national party or an attempt by YH to remove that separation? No matter, good luck to all the candidates for putting yourself forward to be of service to the community!

Mr Grumpy
2024-04-08 16:16:07

For Bush Fair, I vote "none of the above". No Reform candidates thus no vote from me.

2024-04-08 16:34:30

I notice 4 sitting Councillors are not seeking re-election Nick Churchill Eddie Johnson Mark Wilkinson Stephen LeMay The top 3 given years of service to the community of Harlow!

2024-04-08 16:37:16

What Your Harlow has failed to mention was Nick Churchill gas stepped down and Simon Carter is now a paper candidate. Also Dan Swords feels he need to switch his seat to Church Langley rather than lay down in front of the bull dozens. Why wasn't a story done on this I wonder?

Ernie Waterson
2024-04-08 16:39:15

Gary Keeling, you don't know anything about our neighbourhood and its Councillors. Until now Potter Street was part of the former Harlow Common Ward and the was not linked with Church Langley. The two local conservative councillors have been very active in Potter Street dealing with a range of local issues and residents including Osler House. You really need to smarten up otherwise you will give our neighbourhood a bad name and they will think we are all thickos.

Mind your own beeswax
2024-04-08 16:47:27

I will vote now we have a UKIP candidate in Bush Fair, I know this candidate well, what you see is what you get.

Gary Roberts
2024-04-08 17:00:27

Mr. Waterson, Mr. Keeling may or may not know about the Potter Street neighbourhood and the work of the two Conservative councillors but I do and it is the reason I am standing! Perhaps you can tell me what they did for Osler House in the last three years?

2024-04-08 17:27:34

Noticeable that 2 sitting councilors are changing wards are they looking for safer seats I wonder? Especially as one hasn't been seen in the ward they supposed to represent for many months

2024-04-08 17:48:22

Gone from north to south, Nicola Purse. to make way for D’man. If elected Prentice Place needs a complete makeover. It’s a disgrace.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-08 18:26:39

Bruce, after the homes stood empty for well over a decade, Prentice Place had a total makeover costing the best part of £200k per home just a few years ago. As with so many things around the town, "one offs" take place but then there is no long term plan to keep them in good order. The 19 year old bus station is another good example as are the flower beds in Cross Street and those since removed along Broadwalk.

Bruce Downey
2024-04-08 18:48:52

Regular maintenance is the Achilles heal of Harlow Council..Also the design was flawed by the previous Labour administration..With the green spaces not thought out properly.

2024-04-08 20:32:35

Seems the whole of Harlow needs smartning up in one form or the other because right now there's rubbish tipped in every alley & floating around. Grass, hedges etc are looking a whole lot better but there are a lot of residents that seem to think out of sight out of mind let's dump our rubbish that we no longer want in the alleyways the bushes even outside others properties except their own. They all need to dispose of unwanted items in correct manner, don't leave it for others to get rid of your S..t As for voting is it really going to make any difference to this town until we all work at it all altogether. The different parties blame each other who ever takes the seats so no change there then. Maybe just one day Harlow will get back to being a nice place but not until it's in the rights hands, but will that ever happen!!!

Hypocrite Hunter
2024-04-08 21:01:12

Given up trying , what like Labour's Maggie Hulcoop switched last year from her own Ward of Residence (ex Harlow Common) to Little Parndon & Hare Street and how Labour's Phil Waite is no longer standing in Great Parndon where his ignominy regarding the Amazon warehouse in residents' back gardens has not been forgotten? Don't Give up Trying; just Try harder to be coherent and consistent.

Is it legal?
2024-04-09 10:01:48

Why are the Harlow Conservatives down as "Local Conservatives" when they are a part of and their campaigns are funded by the National Conservative Party??? Just as Harlow Labour is down as the Labour and Co-operative Party, The Harlow Conservatives should be down as The Conservative Party, they can try as much as they want to distance themselves from the national gov/party but they are one and the same, as per Dan Swords (and other Conservatives Councillors) Register of interests "The Conservative Party covered the cost of my election expenses" therefore they should be down as the true party they are, the one that funded their campaigns/election expenses: The Conservative Party not a fake cover party of the "Local Conservatives". Is this even legal?

Julie Taylor
2024-04-09 11:17:00

At Is it Legal They can do that. If you search on the Electoral Commission website for political parties in Harlow you can see that they have registered Local Conservatives. It wouldn’t have got past the Returning Officer if it wasn’t legal

Billy Collins
2024-04-09 12:21:18

Well said Julie Taylor. Some of these Labour are sore losers. Did nothing for the town in 10 years and now moan because the local Tories are getting stuff done and stopping the likes of Newham dumping their unwanted on us in Harlow.

Vote them out
2024-04-09 13:58:23

And who put forward, and passed the legislation to allow "the likes of Newham dumping their unwanted on us in Harlow."? Oh yeah, that was the Conservative party... interesting, sorry I mean the "national" Conservative Party... and now the "Local Conservative" party has to work against the "national" Conservative Party to block it... When they are all the same party, funded by the same backers, and not independent of each other, as much as they want to fool people they are, it's not right! And just more smoke and mirrors from a dying Tory party. "National Conservatives" or "Local Conservatives" it is all the same party, don't be fooled by their lies and deception, as much as they want to fool you don't let them... it is just a blatant attempt to fool the electors, and distance themselves from the Conservative Party that fully funds them and their campaigns.. maybe it is legal, but its not moral at all to try and fool us, call yourself the "Local Conservatives" party all you like, but we all know who you truly are a part of and funded by, The Conservative party who have trashed our great country over the last 13 years. When Labour left office 13 years ago there was a note saying "there is no money left", but when the Conservatives finally leave there will be a note left saying "there is no country left now, as well as no money" - great job.

Stan Weatherstone
2024-04-09 16:09:54

Vote them out, so want the useless Harlow Labour mob to run our town? You are joking mate! They have no plans. Total jokers! You want another Terminus House? Mate you need urgent treatment!

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-10 10:09:15

Stan weatherstone, are you saying that the likes of terminus House has not happened under this local Conservative party..

Vote them out
2024-04-10 10:27:37

Stan, did I say anything about wanting "Harlow Labour mob to run our town" ? I don't think so, won't be voting red or blue, they are both the same, utterly useless... I think I'll be with 74.8% majority of Harlow. And on Terminus House, again it was the Conservative party who put forward and passed the legislation to allow it national, but then blame Harlow labour? So, you support the Conservative Party but not all their national policies? And then want the "Local Conservatives" party and local govs to have to waste time, energy, and money to fight against their own party's policy??? What a massive waste of resources, think you are the one who needs urgent treatment if you think that's the right way to go about it! National the Conservatives need to go, before they make any more stupid policies that have a detrimental effect on our town.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-10 10:43:53

Vote them out.. yep.

2024-04-11 11:29:17

At a national level, Conservative and Labour are equally unattractive and neither will be getting my vote. At a local level I would always trust Conservatives to run things better than Labour. So I'll be voting Conservative in the local elections and have yet to decide for a General election. But it won't be any of the mainstream Parties.

Mark Gough
2024-04-12 00:05:52

Dear Mr Grumpy, There are no Reform candidates because they refused to work with us to put a Harlow Team together. I stood for them in Mark Hall last year, but due to their unwillingness to do anything at all, Dan Long, Martin Harvey and I have brought back Harlow UKIP. We have a lot of support from the National Party, and remember we won the Harlow Local Election as recently as 2014! (The only Party other than Labour or Tory to every do so!). It's just a shame that we haven't got more candidates to give more residents someone to vote for! But watch this space in future! Regards, Mark Gough - Leader Harlow UKIP

Ms Krystall Ball
2024-04-15 00:06:40

Mark, great fun reading your delusions. But we Reformed ones are trying to get a handle on how many May candidates UKIP has - anywhere in England and Wales. We know you three are standing in four Essex seats (three DC and a CC). The only other UKIP geniuses we can find are three Dorset CC seats, one in Elmbridge Surrey BC, and one each in Manchester, Warks, W.Mids and W.Yorks DCs, so 11 UKIP in total out of 9000 candidates. Does this accurately reflect UKIP's brilliant prospects? Thank you for a polite response.

Pete Baker
2024-04-28 15:17:24

Pointless voting for any of these clowns. The illusion of choice and the pretence of democracy. I'm sick of this theatre. Every one of these parties is looking to sell the British people out. Whether it's net zero, gender politics, selling us out to WHO, robbing our tax to launder money in the wars, scamdemics. I'm sick of all of them.

2024-04-30 07:38:21

They have all misplaced their reason and believe they are elected to rule and not serve the people. I can not trust this political class as they serve their corporate pay masters. I, like many find myself politically homeless and live in hope for a political revolution to sweep away these people who sell us out to their corporate paymasters. Most MPs should be in prison for failing in their duty to serve the British people. I hold them all in contempt.. none of you deserve my vote.

2024-05-27 00:15:35

Just to say about fly tipping. Harlow has started charging extortionate prices to dispose of larger items and changed the bin allowance so miserly that unless you are rich you cannot get rid of old stuff. Not everyone has access to a car to take it to the dump. Threatening Harlow people with fines is ridiculous as you have to find the fly tippers first which costs more money in the long run than if Harlow Council picked things up for free.

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