Essex Police traffic cops target tinted windows in Harlow

Crime / Thu 25th Apr 2024 at 03:45am

I tinted my windows to hide my tools.”

THIS was one excuse from the 22 drivers stopped for tinted windows at yesterday’s Harlow Vision Zero day, after their vehicles were checked with Essex Police’s light measuring equipment.

Illegally tinted windows on vehicles can significantly reduce visibility, particularly when driving at night, and are also an offence, which can lead to drivers receiving a fine or points.

By law, UK vehicle windshields must be able to let 75% of light pass through the glass, and for the front side windows, 70%.

Also, during Harlow’s Vision Day, our engagement team met supportive shoppers at Asda, who heard about Vision Zero, our objective for zero deaths on Essex’s roads by 2040.

Further on the enforcement side, 108 speeding motorists were recorded, and one motorist was arrested for drug driving.

A further 15 drivers were pulled over by officers for using a mobile phone, and 11 for not wearing a seatbelt.

Pupils from Henry Moore took part in School Speed Watch, where they observed an officer measuring speed with a TruCam, and learned about the dangers of speeding, whilst assisting with educating offenders spotted on the day, with a series of questions about their poor driving behaviour.

Want to play your part in making Essex roads safer?

Sign the Vision Zero pledge today: www.saferessexroads.org/visionzero

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10 Comments for Essex Police traffic cops target tinted windows in Harlow:

2024-04-25 06:07:29

Yet every day illegal E-Scooters and bikes ride through town, every Saturday a stall is outside Boots selling fake designer clothing, shoplifters ply their trade knowing they will not be stopped, But Motorists well there's a different story

Dean Wilson
2024-04-25 06:08:02

It would appear they got more people for mobile phone use and lack of safety - like not wearing a seat belt. I'd suggest lads you target those people, a tinted window isn't as much a problem as those driving recklessly by using mobile phones, no seat belts, uninsured etc.

2024-04-25 07:02:35

Pedro your so right, they just turn a blind eye, they are supposed to seize these illegal scooters.

Brigitte Garnett
2024-04-25 08:42:27

Good start, looking forward to seeing more action on illegal e-scooters.

Guy Flegman
2024-04-25 09:15:19

Typical, go for the soft targets while serious crime runs unchecked. Still I suppose it ticks a box for someone

G v h
2024-04-25 10:38:30

These illegal scooters are a menace with teens doing fast speeds sometimes where I live in the Bush fair area I've seen two kids on a scooter traveling on the road as if the couldn't care less that apart from being totally illegal it's also very dangerous. Why with these e scooters being illegal are shops openly selling them to anyone.

Jj baxter
2024-04-25 11:18:49

Knife crime anyone!

2024-04-25 12:09:16

Knock one of these clowns off their e scooters and the police will want to know all your details but Jack the lad or lass with get off scot free

2024-04-26 05:41:59

Wow………. What a surprise. When there is no police presence on our streets people will break laws.

2024-05-03 07:46:08

There`s a good reason for stopping them, dark tints obscure a driver`s vision and have caused fatalities and serious injuries to others. As for e scooters a purge on them is to be instigated soon, the last crackdown in Harlow in 2023 saw 75 e-scooters confiscated and crushed.

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