Incredible 35 runners from Harlow Running Club complete London Marathon

Athletics / Sat 27th Apr 2024 at 06:01am

THIRTY-FIVE Runners from celebrate the London Marathon Class of 2024

Harlow Running And Tri Club (HRTC) is thrilled to share the incredible achievements of our Harlow Running and Tri Club members, under the guidance of our dedicated coaching team! As the Head Coach Gail, alongside experienced ultra runner Coach Laura, and Andy, our top run leader, they have witnessed the remarkable journey of their runners.

A spokesperson Gail Nicholls said: “On Sunday 21st April, 35 of our club members took part in the iconic London Marathon class of 2024. The majority secured their spots through the ballot, while others obtained charity places. Together, we have raised an amazing amount of nearly £51,000 for our 18 respective charities. This accomplishment is truly phenomenal!

“Our success story began back in October when we welcomed a significant number of newbies who joined our club with the goal of marathon training. It has been a joy to see how our coaching has transformed these young individuals, some of whom had only ever run 5k, into successful marathon runners. Their dedication and hard work have been evident in their Tuesday and Wednesday track sessions, Thursday road running socials, and challenging long-distance runs every Sunday.

But it doesn’t stop there! We have also incorporated other activities such as swimming and strength and conditioning to enhance their overall fitness and performance. Together, as a team, we have ensured that our runners receive comprehensive training and support tailored to their individual goals. It has been an honour to work alongside Laura and Andy, who have played pivotal roles in the development of our athletes.

As the Head Coach, I am incredibly proud of our club’s achievements and humbled to have had the privilege of running alongside our members in the marathon. This success story will be cherished by our club and its participants for years to come.

“Let’s celebrate the dedication, hard work, and triumph of our marathon runners, as well as the unwavering support of our coaching team and thanks to all of our club’s 80 Marshalls who were there alongside cheering us on!”


London Marathon

2507 Martin Westley 2.54.59 

4424 Rob Lowe 3.05.14

8975 Chris Warburton 3.26.27

12797 Catherine Ridge 3.38.45

18591 Ella Wager 3.54.54

21291 Paul Dixon 4.01.01 

26377 Laurel Peck 4.17.32 

27440 Kerry Mavris 4.21.00

27594 Jason Fox 4.21.28

29433 Gail Nicholls 4.27.27

29952 Jack Waight 4.28.48

29984 Alex Fresco-Sumner 4.28.58 (Debut, Guinness World Record – Fastest Female Mechanic)

30331 Kelly Spires 4.29.54 

31353 Rosie Lozeau 4.33.25

32156 Sophie M. Evans 4.36.16

32936 Kelly McGill 4.39.04 

33026 Sophie L. Evans 4.39.22

33654 Tracy Stratford 4.41.37

34147 Amy-Louise Ironmonger 4.43.09

34990 Mark Grant 4.46.04

37721 Emma Luck 4.55.56 

40159 Debbie Mead 5.06.28

40532 Ellie Curran 5.08.16

41111 Bobbie Muschamp 5.11.10 

41243 Sarah Whitelaw 5.11.41

42834 Ruby O’Sullivan 5.19.48

45411 Luke Remfrey 5.34.30

47004 Steve Wright 5.45.09 

47094 Mille McGovern 5.45.46

48577 Lisa-Marie Bradnock 5.56.46

51905 Harriett Martin 6.38.44

59705 finishers

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2 Comments for Incredible 35 runners from Harlow Running Club complete London Marathon:

Yasmin Gregory
2024-04-27 07:23:21

It was wonderful to witness the transformation of these athletes and to able to cheer them on as part of the 90 strong volunteers from Harlow Running & Tri Club who were marshalling at miles 13/22. Seeing club members along with over 50,000 runners has inspired me to enter the ballot for next year.

Gail Nicholls
2024-04-27 11:42:31

Go Yas!

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