Exciting new state of the art David Lloyd Leisure Club set for Harlow

Business / Thu 2nd May 2024 at 01:07pm

DAVID Lloyd Leisure announces that it has submitted a planning application for a new state-of- the-art health, fitness & wellness Club at Harlow Innovation Park close to Mark Hall Academy and Newhall. The proposed premium Club would create 80 -100 jobs on top of around 60 construction jobs.

Plans for the family-friendly Club include:
A new state of the art gym
Heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools
Premium group exercise studios
Family facilities including indoor soft play and DL Kids Club
Match-quality tennis, padel, pickleball and badminton facilities
Premium Spa with Spa Garden

David Lloyd Leisure is passionate about making its Clubs a comfortable and welcoming place for members to come together with friends and family to promote physical and mental health and wellness.

The plans will also feature a stylish Clubroom for members to meet with friends or enjoy a bite to eat, as well as large and inviting spaces to work, relax and socialise. Family sits right at the heart of David Lloyd Clubs and plans include a range of facilities for children as well as adults including a soft play, and spaces for after-school and holiday clubs, offering fun and active childcare solutions for parents outside of school hours.

The Group is committed to creating positive communities both inside and outside of its clubs and will explore opportunities to develop local community partnerships. The new Club will complement the Innovation Park’s vision of creating a healthy and sustainable community, as well as supporting the wider regeneration of Harlow. David Lloyd Leisure has made a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2023 and the new Club will incorporate the latest in sustainability technology to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible.

Stuart Caswell, New Clubs Acquisition Director at David Lloyd Leisure said; “We believe that Harlow with its thriving community and fantastic transport connections would make the perfect location for a new David Lloyd Club. Our plan is to construct a state-of-the-art health and wellness Club that not only enhances the area and creates a range of new jobs and opportunities for the local community, but also reflects the needs of people living in the area”.

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38 Comments for Exciting new state of the art David Lloyd Leisure Club set for Harlow:

Anne Henwood
2024-05-02 14:19:07

A David Lloyd facility would be great for the area

Philip Gill
2024-05-02 14:25:14

Fantastic news, fingers crossed for this.

Colin R
2024-05-02 14:28:56

This is great news - really hope this goes ahead!

Son of Old Man River
2024-05-02 14:34:05

How will price compare to the out of reach of the many “Leisurezone”?

2024-05-02 14:50:56

According to Google membership starts at £94 month. Perfect for the largely deprived area of Harlow.

2024-05-02 14:55:47

Son of old man river.. double the leisurezone membership costs by the look of it.

Nogin the nog
2024-05-02 15:25:27

That's wy it is over that side of town that's where the money is newhall and church Langley and surrounding areas posh end of sawbridgeworth

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-02 15:28:15

£124, £159 or £219 per month memberships - https://www.davidlloyd.co.uk/clubs/enfield/join-online/?page=your-membership

2024-05-02 15:50:08

Fab news, used to members at Buckhurst Hill when we lived in Walthamstow. This will be probably be competition for Manor of Groves rather than the Leisure Zone.

Tracey Montalbano
2024-05-02 16:04:17

Fingers crossed this goes through…. Great addition to the town

2024-05-02 16:59:34

Who can afford over 100£ a month for gym membership, that's just mental. I love how it claims to reflect the needs of the local community. Maybe a tiny percent of it. I was really quite excited when I was this, the leisurezone needs the competition but this must outprice the vast majority of the town and is more evidence of the doughnut effect, investment in the town boundary while the existing town is left to rot.

2024-05-02 17:24:29

Sounds ok but they really badly need to resurface London Road that runs around the back of Newhall and the school. It needs it so badly let alone when even more traffic comes to the area with this sports centre.

Mark Gregory
2024-05-02 17:42:59

Great work by Dan swords again, hopefully a harrods next

Elisete Silva
2024-05-02 18:22:04

Fantastic news, fingers crossed for this.

Elisete Silva
2024-05-02 18:22:30

Fantastic news.

Luke Price
2024-05-02 18:46:55

Always enjoy the YourHarlow moaners. Come to the comments and as expected despite bringing jobs and business to Harlow people complain. I can’t afford to shop at Waitrose, so I go somewhere cheaper and don’t moan that Waitrose exists.

2024-05-02 18:58:38

Agree with Luke. Doubt it will be used by me but why moan about it coming to Harlow. Enough in the Town to moan about but this is certainly not one.

2024-05-02 19:05:23

Amazing comments, especially the moaning about price, this will bring jobs to the area which are desperately needed. It will also help attract companies and more jobs to the innovation zone. Do commenters think building and operations will be cheap. I suspect a lot of people will be able to afford it. if you cannot afford that is a shame but the universe it not fair and no one owes you anything unlike many people in this town seem to think

Clean Harlow Up
2024-05-02 19:19:45

That’s fine, would rather pay more for quality and not low life’s/dead excited by this news

2024-05-02 19:37:10

Same people moaning that say nothing to do in the town.

2024-05-02 19:48:51

When is it expected to be completed?

Frankie A
2024-05-02 21:53:21

Would absolutely sign up!! Fingers crossed for this

2024-05-03 05:25:07

Just wait for the membership costs. Oh, Yes. Then you'll need the smelling salts.

2024-05-03 08:05:10

This is excellent news! Fantastic facilities, and will save me the drive to Chigwell to use the DL club there

2024-05-03 08:23:07

For those commenting on price, I currently pay £211 a month to use DL in Chigwell, and it is worth every penny, fantastic modern gym, pools, racquet facilities, personal training, a huge range of classes, great club room with events held regularly, and really high end spa facilities, all included in one cost. DL is much more about the club as a whole, rather than a gym and pool, it doesn’t compare to the LeisureZone in the slightest.

2024-05-03 09:43:27

Heather - I hope you enjoyed St. George's Day - Many David Lloyd Clubs have Licenced Bars, so no need to give up the drinking -- And your parent's alcohol habit doesn't seemed to have dented your fecundity - Good luck with the birth and hope there are many more to come - We need more like you to fill all these Council Homes were building.

2024-05-03 13:04:47

Great news, really hope this goes ahead. I was previously a member of the Chigwell club but it was too far to commute since moving to Old Harlow. You really cant beat the facilities they offer. WORTH EVERY PENNY

Resident for 46 years
2024-05-03 13:08:42

Although I would not be using the David Lloyd club myself, surely we have to welcome all establishments that cost money to use, you then have choice, driving people out of town that have money to spend is what is making Harlow poorer, we have some of the poorest types of shops here etc… which are great but we don’t have choice, we need people to spend the money in these places, they also bring business to the town, if you want cheap the town will get worse in my opinion, be careful what you wish for.

2024-05-03 15:41:53

Heather . I hope when you get a free membership, it does not interfere with you watching all your daytime t.v. on your 60inch Television, and smoking all your ciggies , and talking to your similar friends on your most expensive I phone whilst visiting the food bank. Or are you just not quite who you say you are. Either way you gave me a laugh.

2024-05-03 18:26:59

Great news for Harlow. Let's bring more high-end business into Harlow instead of running the town into the ground. And just across the road from my house so I can walk there.

Paul dutch
2024-05-03 19:35:46

Love the people leaving the negative comments about the price , this is good news because it means you definitely won’t sign up so I won’t see you there when I do. How long until it’s built ? I can’t wait to use the facility I was previously a member at Chigwell but it’s too far from Harlow to go anymore. Beats the crappy leisure zone all day long, nice heated outdoor pool and spa facilities will Be top notch, soft play for the kids and a nice peroni after a blaze workout, can’t wait !

2024-05-04 12:56:06

I think this will be a wonderful addition to Harlow and definitely will be used at capacity. I can’t wait!

2024-05-04 13:20:01

Just what we need! There isn’t a decent health club within miles! (Manor of groves is shocking!) and David Lloyd doesn’t compare to the LZ- really hoping this goes ahead, will also bring a lot of jobs for the locals

2024-05-06 18:10:21

Amazing news, the higher the price the better. I like my luxury spa's to be quite and tranquil.

2024-05-07 05:56:56

Amazing! This will help with the over saturated gyms in Harlow that are bad quality and always too busy. Looking forward to it, hopefully they open early for the pre-work goers 👏🏼

Danny Grieveson
2024-05-07 18:03:39

When will this be starting and completing? Is it a definite goer?

2024-05-08 14:06:56

When a company such as DL wants to invest in Harlow, it can only be a good thing. It attracts other companies, which will bring more job opportunities to the area for those who want to work. No one else is rushing to develop that wasteland. It also offers choice. You don’t have to use it. Mark Hall is down the road at £26 per month. I don’t remember people complaining when Five Guys and Wagamamas opened with their extortionate prices.

Tina holl
2024-05-14 15:49:10

This will be amazing for the area. Will be used so much by lots of families in bishop Strortford, sawbridgeworth etc. it is really needed in the area I beleive!

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