Review: David Bowie Sound and Vision Tribute at Harlow Playhouse:

Entertainment / Tue 7th May 2024 at 11:04am

BY the end of this concert at the Harlow Playhouse, the whole audience stood as one to shout “We Want More”.

You can’t buy acclaim like that but you may want to bottle it.

The audience were treated to nearly two hours of Bowie from Space Oddity in 1969 to Absolute Beginners in 1985.

Once again, Jeff John, on guitar, harnessed the spirit of Mick Ronson especially on numbers such as Moonage Daydream and Hang Onto Yourself.

There was lovely renditions of songs such as Sorrow and Absolute Beginners and barnstorming lesser known songs such as Look Back in Anger.

Chris Burke was a very solid unfussy Bowie. That’s not damning with faint praise. It would be easy to “overact” or ham-up” Bowie.

And we were delighted to hear a great version of Queen Bitch. We still don’t know what a “bippertty bopperty hat” looks like!

However, we did feel that saxophonist Mike Davies was, as they say, bigging up his role a bit.

Bowie used the saxophone sparingly. From Young Americans to Absolute Beginners. On this occasion, Mike contributed to every single song, too, in our opinion to the detriment of every single song. You could say he was making the band loose and hard to swallow.

It also affected the band’s dynamic. At one stage, he was standing right in front of Bowie.

Think of Clarence Clemons or Andy Mackay. Less is more.

Again much credit to the whole band. John Wilmott on bass, Colin Ellward on keyboards (a great Life on Mars), Simon Harry on rhythm guitar and a powerhouse drumming performance by Gareth Addey.

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4 Comments for Review: David Bowie Sound and Vision Tribute at Harlow Playhouse::

Nogin the nog
2024-05-07 17:03:48

That's a strange time to have a concert 11 am

2024-05-08 12:52:17

NtN.You have to remember that most of DBs fans are tucked up with their coco by the time that most gigs start at 8:00pm

Scott Chegg
2024-05-08 13:02:49

Nogin, that time is clearly the time the review was submitted to press. Just another Bowie cabaret show aimed at the LETS DANCE crowd and not the hardcore devotees

2024-05-09 16:53:14

We thought the band had a great vibe and that "Bowie" was very generous and shared the stage with all his band members. I loved how the other musicians walked around and shared the stage. We thought it was great!!

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