Review: Bogging off from Blighty at the Harlow Community Arts Festival

Entertainment / Fri 17th May 2024 at 01:09pm

Review by Jack Bishop

BOGGING Off from Blighty was the fourth play as part of the Harlow Community Arts Festival.

Over the last three shows a number of dark themes have been explored. So now it was time for a touch of humour.

This was very well acted. It had me intrigued from the start. Each character was well developed and clearly a lot of thought went into the play.

The play covered the cost of living, tax hikes, joblessness, political recklessness and potential homelessness.

The jokes revolved around politics and certainly made the audience laugh. The key to the success of the play was how it was able to keep that balance of being centred around subjects such as laws, rents, rules, leadership and politics.

The set was simplistic but I felt this was an advantage as I was able to concentrate on the acting and the play.

A satirical, political comedy exploring the impact of power on community; compressing British politics down to four clueless Uni-Grads. After discovering an unclaimed island in the English Channel, four flat-mates journey from their run-down London flat, to their new nation of ‘Newbrit-on-Sea’; promising to create their own country, free from the problems they had left behind. 

But as complications arise, factions form and friendship blurs with politics: the group discovers that the freedom of running your own country might not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

The Harlow Playhouse Practitioners Programme presents the Harlow Community Arts Festival. Six emerging theatre companies from the local or surrounding area showcase new-writing, all on the brief of ‘Community’.

This review was written by Year 10 St Mark’s student Jack Bishop. This was his first piece of work for Your Harlow.

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