Traffic police capture motorist speeding at 131 mph on M11 near Harlow

Crime / Fri 31st May 2024 at 07:05am

LAST weekend, speed enforcement policing in west Essex saw a speeding motorist reach 131mph on M11.

Over the bank holiday weekend, Roads Policing Unit officers carried out speed enforcement checks on M11 as part of a road safety operation in support of Vision Zero, to identify offenders and reduce offences on the strategic road network. 

Despite the rain and poor visibility, in the first 30 minutes of officers setting up their camera on an M11 overbridge they captured FOUR drivers at excess speed, including speeds of 119, 108, 121 and 98 mph. 

Throughout the day (Sunday 26 May), in total, they captured 40 speeding motorists who will all be reported for driving in excess of the speed limit.

Two of those caught driving at 106 and 109mph, both received Section 59 warnings for anti-social driving due to the manner of driving that included undertaking and lane weaving at over 100mph.

After officers moved location to Theydon Bois, they reported two drivers for careless driving (middle lane “hogging”) and two drivers for driving on the hard shoulder to leave at the restricted exit at Blunts Farm in an effort to avoid traffic congestion from a nearby collision. 

The following day, Monday 27, although not as busy, a further 28 offenders were captured at the same M11 location, with speeds ranging between 98 and 110mph.

The Roads Policing Unit are specialist officers dedicated to keeping the roads safe for everyone, to prevent and detect crime and reduce collisions.

Speed enforcement focusses on one of the offences known as the #FatalFour – those offences that are known to contribute to serious and fatal collisions. The other offences include not wearing a seatbelt, being distracted, especially by a mobile phone, and drink or drug driving.

They continue to work with our Safer Essex Roads Partnership colleagues under Vision Zero, our ambition to have no road deaths by 2040 or sooner. 

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2 Comments for Traffic police capture motorist speeding at 131 mph on M11 near Harlow:

2024-05-31 14:49:11

All cars should be mandatorily fitted with at least simple or AI speed limiters, the tec even can use satellite data so cars are limited to top speeds that apply in to their location and the speed limit in place. The problem then virtually disappears and scarce police resources used in communities or elsewhere. An additional advantage is that the need for highly dangerous police pursuits is eliminated. Such tec can remotely stop engines thieves have used similar tec to stop and steal cars.

Elvis Pot-Hole
2024-05-31 16:50:18

Nostradamus, they're one step ahead of you, no need to roll out such tech as they're already applying the low-tech option known as 'pot holes'. If you speed and fail to spot them you're punished with a broken vehicle. Motorcyclists, are additionally punished with 'certain death' if they fail to spot them in time.

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