Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner brings battle bus to Harlow

Elections / Sun 2nd Jun 2024 at 07:10am

THE DEPUTY leader of the Labour Party brought her battle bus to Harlow as she plans to travel thousands of miles campaigning between now and General Election day.

The Conservatives are defending a majority of 14,067 but Labour definitely feel they have a chance.

There was certainly a big turnout out of Labour faithful from Harlow.

Back in January 2023, we interviewed Ms Rayner who said that Harlow “had” to have a new hospital. On Saturday, we asked her drill down a little bit more on that and a number of other issues.

Apologies for slight distortion on sound.

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24 Comments for Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner brings battle bus to Harlow:

David Forman
2024-06-02 09:12:15

The think tank the Centre for Progressive Policy says the next government will need to spend an additional £142bn per year by 2030 (equivalent to a 1.56% increase in public spending per year) just to maintain current levels of public services. It concludes: "Labour is determined to fight the election on the economy, pledging iron-clad fiscal discipline and no tax rises. But given rising demands on public spending and Labour’s ambitions for transformative change, any plan that does not involve taxing and spending more is simply not credible." See CPP report at https://www.progressive-policy.net/publications/next-government-must-find-extra-142bn-per-year-just-for-public-services-to-stand-still

Guy Flegman
2024-06-02 09:24:25

I think all Labour candidates should wear Flipflops as a tribute to their manifesto.

2024-06-02 09:33:32

Labour won with less votes than what they lost with!!! Just shows you no one is voting…

Gary Roberts
2024-06-02 09:34:21

The authentic leader of the Labour party comes to Harlow selling what? Any ideas? Conservative lite policies in my view. She is better than that or should be.

2024-06-02 09:34:38

Vote reform they care for our culture and our people.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-02 10:58:01

Both main Parties and the Lib Dems are more or less saying the same thing, more money for the health service, more police officers, dealing with anti-social behaviour, more spending on defence, more apprentices etc etc. The only way things will really change is if enough people across the country vote for an alternative Party, indeed any Party whether it is the left leaning Greens or the right leaning Reform and anyone in between. Politicians have let the country down for at least three decades, it is why so many people are angry, we see so many people on the streets demonstrating about all sorts of issues and why politicians receive so much abuse.

peter henegan
2024-06-02 11:16:50

I don't get why visits like this aren't publicised to the general public. Obviously YH knew of it but surely reaching out to just committed labour supporters rather than all voters doesn't really achieve anything.

2024-06-02 11:20:47

Gazza, what do you actually mean by our culture? And what do you mean by "our people?

Harlow lifer
2024-06-02 12:36:51

Get them in power the sooner the better!!

2024-06-02 13:53:09

Boris…. Exactly my point no one knows our culture. With have become so diverse and divided we don’t have anything anymore. We do more for other cultures than our own! I see more Palestine flags than St George flags! It’s almost a crime to be white, British and heterosexual….

2024-06-02 15:17:23

Gibbo I agree m8. We want are country back. Bring back proper English culture and food like spaghetti or Fosters.

Harlow Lifer
2024-06-02 15:54:23

The general public have short memories. Only a few years ago we were trying to get them out of power and now we want them back in power. What’s complete joke this two party system is in this country!!!

Brian Aston
2024-06-02 17:20:36

I love the term "we want our country back", history tells us that this small island was invaded by countless other nationalities, so it would be very difficult to find someone who is 100% pure bred Briton. Regardless of who is elected on July 4th, we will still go out to work, pay our taxes. Some people will be better off and happy, others will be worse off an unhappy. Throughout history we have provided safe haven for those who needed it. It has helped to shape this country. It saddens me the amount of racism and vitriol that exists. People should do well to remember the following quote from John F Kennedy “Let us not emphasize all on which we differ but all we have in common. Let us consider not what we fear separately but what we share together.”

2024-06-02 21:32:44

Don’t know why you lot think that Labour is going to make all your worries disappear, they won’t! I also find Chris Vince to be very tunnel visioned and not trustworthy at all. He couldn’t even submit a Council budget let alone run as a parliamentary candidate. Remember how he made a swift exit at the local elections because it didn’t go in his favour…unprofessional and childiss who needs to grow a backbone, it’s politics pal!

2024-06-02 22:44:23

Gibbo, before we can say we have lost our culture we have to understand what we think it was.

2024-06-02 22:48:26

Bazza, you made the same comment some weeks back, me being thick I am not sure if it is serious or a mickey take. I tend towards the mickey take, am I right?

Latest pete
2024-06-02 23:32:16

Gazza don't waste a vote for the reform party. No MPs. No councillors no hope. Just the old brexit boys and look how much that has cost us. Guy look at the news have a look around dont copy Sunak with his flip flop nonsence, that what they rely on sheep listening to their rubbish and repeating it.. Harlow needs to vote 20% turnout is pathetic.. Regarding flip floping were are these 40 news hospitals and the 20k new police.. No that's what i call proper porkies. 🌹🌹

Allan Wallace
2024-06-03 10:39:23

Gazza, we are British. Our culture is so diverse and mixed that you cannot be serious. Our people are equally as diverse and mixed. If you think anything else - you are delusional.

Jim bob
2024-06-03 15:36:06

Walk around the town center and look at what is happening. Use your own eyes because they don’t lie.

2024-06-03 18:00:50

I think the only way to combat voter apathy is to make voting compulsory. Then all the parties would have to up their games for all the different groups of people. Maybe that would lead to cross party working on the most important issues... 10, 15, 20 year plans is what's needed sometimes... I know I have to vote... And I will, but who to vote for??? I get voter apathy right now!

Allan Wallace
2024-06-03 18:20:08

Jim, while your "eyes" may be the most accurate way of seeing something, the brain behind processing the image it's seen is often times wrong. So, clarify what you mean, specifically.

Buster B
2024-06-03 19:24:52

Allan read it again if you don’t understand. Walk around the town Center have a look open your eyes, it’s like Germany, France and now Ireland.

2024-06-03 21:56:30

ur rite Buster i went up the town and it was all sausages and baguettes. this aint the eu we eat proper english grub like maccy ds and curry

Allan Wallace
2024-06-04 05:48:02

Bunch of racists. All of you who perpetuate these horrible fallacies should be ashamed of yourselves. Though I fear soke of the words made here might not sink in since one or two contain more than 6 letters.

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