General Election 24: The strange case of Harlow’s Ukip candidate

Elections / Sun 16th Jun 2024 at 09:39am

WHEN the list of candidates set to fight the General Election of 2024 came out we were already familiar with the names of Hannah Ellis (Cons), Chris Vince (Lab), Yasmin Gregory (Green), Riad Mannan (Lib Dem) and Malcolm Featherstone (Reform).

When we saw the name of Lois Perry for Ukip, our immediate response was: “Who is Lois Perry?”. Then we found out she was the newly elected leader of Ukip, we still thought: “Who is Lois Perry?”

A quick trip round social media revealed Lois to be quite popular on TV channels such as GB News and Talk TV where she expounded her theories on a number of “causes”.

We didn’t receive any news regarding her standing so we contacted the chair of Harlow Ukip. He told us that Ms Perry would be contacting us.

In the mean time, she did seem to spend quite a lot of time supporting and/or endorsing Nigel Farage, which was strange as he is standing for a different party.

She even published pictures of herself with Mr Farage (and Lee Anderson) at a press conference for Reform UK.

On Saturday, she announced that she would be standing down as leader of Ukip, citing health reasons.

We have contacted Harlow Ukip for a response and we await their reply.

We believe that as her name is on the nomination papers, she will still be on the ballot paper come July 4th and indeed for those who are submitting postal votes.

It is important for us to stress that just because she has stood down as leader of Ukip, doesn’t mean Ms Perry is no longer a member or indeed a candidate.

A very strange footnote in our General Election coverage of 2024.

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9 Comments for General Election 24: The strange case of Harlow’s Ukip candidate:

2024-06-16 18:59:35

Where is Mark Gough? Usually has something to say

2024-06-16 21:04:54

Anything splitting the vote is a good thing!

Disgusted of Church Langley
2024-06-16 23:00:24

Think Gough's precious party couldn't sink lower than making jokes in 2019 about raping women, which he appeared to defend? Today it supports RAPING CARS, which cannot possibly consent to sex, on hallowed ground! https://nation.cymru/news/ukip-candidate-cheers-on-man-who-simulated-sex-with-a-car-in-a-churchyard Could Harvey clarify whether this is official UKIP policy yet? Next, we'll move on to forced castrations using a rusty blade by its now Welsh leader - https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/facebook-swansea-castration-adam-boulton-18564207

Disgusted of Church Langley
2024-06-16 23:04:32

Sordid truths about this revealed today by UKIP's Dep.Leader (who fled both trap and bed in Jan) https://tinyurl.com/WhyLoisLeft https://tinyurl.com/HowLoisLeft https://tinyurl.com/WhyJaneLeft

Disgusted of Church Langley
2024-06-16 23:05:50

@ Melon, "Where is Mark Gough? Usually has something to say" Perry's proposer & seconder have thoroughly disgraced Harlow, making it into a (inter)national laughingstock, and should publicly apologise and quit both politics and the area. Forever!

David Forman
2024-06-16 23:57:52

Nice to see a recent UKIP Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane reporting on X tweeting: "UKIP is dead. They’ve have had NO applications to be leader, so they need a distraction. The leadership campaign is a farce and Lois is being parachuted in, because of the chairman’s personal desires. It’s not a democracy, it’s one man telling people what to do. The infighting is beyond real. Every person on the NEC was verbally abused & called ‘useless imbeciles’." See https://archive.ph/2024.01.29-180252/https://twitter.com/LadyDetectives1/status/1751722759627895030

2024-06-17 10:23:57

Oh no, not another split among the far right!

Mark's Guff
2024-06-17 12:06:04

Through her years with Laurence Fox & Reclaim, UKIP's Leader-For-A-Month LOIS PERRY, who has no qualifications, earned her stripes as a reckless ignorant COVIDIOT, spouting propaganda against "face nappies", "poisonous vaccines", "NHSApp spyware", "coronavirus is merely the flu" and other dangerous conspiracy theories. She obviously contracted covid, and in a 40 year old now, almost every case of pneumonia is covid-caused. https://www.google.com/search?q=coronavirus+pneumonia Where's loudmouthed tool Gough hiding now?

Staff Reporter
2024-06-18 15:49:09

Ms Perry will not be attending due to ill health. Only filming allowed on school premises is by YourHarlow.