Speeding offences double in three years

Crime / Tue 18th Jun 2024 at 07:06am

SPEEDING offences in Essex have rocketed but deaths from road traffic collisions have fallen, data has shown reports the Local democracy Reporter.

A total of 71,695 speeding offences were recorded in 2019. That fell to 54,493 in 2020 during the Covid lockdowns that year.

However, the numbers have steadily increased since – with 76,167 in 2022 and 98297 in 2023. But, Essex police say deaths on the roads have fallen.

In 2003, it recorded 116 deaths, and a total of 105 in 2004. Last year it recorded 42 fatal collisions, with 50 in 2022. Essex Police adds its aim is to have no deaths on the roads by 2040.

Adam Pipe, head of our Roads Policing Unit (RPU), said: “Vehicle speed remains the second highest contributory factor within injury collisions – either exceeding the speed limit or inappropriate speed for the conditions.

“We are undertaking more enforcement than ever when it comes to speed checks and we work with 106 Community Speed Watch groups – made up of 1,200 volunteers.

“The work of the RPU supports Vision Zero – our ambition to have no roads deaths in Essex by 2040 or sooner.

“Under this approach, the enforcement of speed limits is more important than ever. These limits afford protection to all road users, especially the most vulnerable, such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

“As we work towards realising this ambition, we continue to keep unfit drivers off our roads.

“For example, in the first three months of 2024, RPU officers arrested more than 580 drivers in connection with drink or drug driving.

“While people continue to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we’ll continue this important work each and every day.

“Reducing road deaths and collisions isn’t solely the job of the police, of course we rely on working in partnership with those who maintain and manage our road networks and traffic calming measures.

“We will continue to educate and inform drivers about the impact dangerous driving can have on the wider community and we will enforce the law.
“Our work, together with partners, is clearly having an impact.

“In the early 2000s, we saw very high numbers of road casualties and this number is in steady decline.

“In 2003, we recorded 116 deaths on our county’s roads, 105 in 2004. Last year we recorded 42 fatal collisions, with 50 the year before that.

“One death on our roads is always too many, but these figures are moving in the right direction.”

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5 Comments for Speeding offences double in three years:

Guy Flegman
2024-06-18 08:50:54

There will always be death on the roads. Even when we all road horses there was death on the roads.

2024-06-18 09:22:37

That's because they are targeting drivers for easy money and convictions

2024-06-18 11:06:50

More patrols and more enforcement needed. Realistic risk of prosecution for breaking traffic laws and loss of driving licence is the answer.

2024-06-19 04:59:57

Absolutely correct AB. It appears that the Police traffic patrols are disregarding the majority of speeding motorists. The new stretch of road that covers Gilden Way is more like a speed track for the majority of drivers who regularly use this road and are travelling well in excess of speed limits. Something needs to be done, sooner than later.

David Forman
2024-06-20 08:34:16

They should also be targeting drivers who do U-turns at road junctions. The Southern Way/Perry Road junction is especially frequent. A big clue for Essex Police.

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