General Election 24: Education boss Vic Goddard gives his backing to Labour

Education / Thu 27th Jun 2024 at 10:25am

THE CHIEF executive of the Passmores Co-Operative Learning Community has come out in support of the Labour Party at next week’s General Election.

Vic Goddard has a national profile in education that began almost fifteen years ago after the ground-breaking Educating Essex TV series.

Since then he has been a passionate supporter of comprehensive and inclusive education.

He has locked horns with Robert Halfon on many occasions.

He has always been concerned over funding but has been very concerned over the last three years.

He has welcomed all politicians to his school. Last year, Conservative education minister, Gillian Keegan came to visit.

This year, shadow education minister, Bridget Phillipson has been to Passmores and Purford Green. In March, Sir Kier Starmer also visited Purford Green.

Nationally, his support will be very significant.

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21 Comments for General Election 24: Education boss Vic Goddard gives his backing to Labour:

2024-06-27 10:57:08

I thought teachers (or CEO's of schools, haha) should be neutral and not pass on their opinions and views on matters such as politics. Why do we want to hear from someone like this?

2024-06-27 11:39:36

JB, perhaps because he is experiencing the cuts every day and what it means for schhols and pupils.. Would rather hear real life than government lies or spin any day.

Stephen Archer
2024-06-27 14:00:23

Why hear from Vic Goddard? Because he cares passionately about the education of all British children, something for which the Conservatives have a secondary concern after the education of their own. But this election is more than changing government. It's about punishing the Conservatives for 14 years of chaos - we have had no less than ten Secretaries of State for Education in recent years! Vic Goddard is a good man, and so is Chris Vince and Sir Keir Starmer. Labour can make a change for the better.

2024-06-27 14:20:58

150K a year executive head teacher, he could take a pay cut. I hope you will be talking to the business leaders as well to help balance

Lisa S
2024-06-27 15:39:06

Typical Adam. He is speaking up about what he feels is important to our children and you google search his salary for a cheap point. He has nothing to gain from opening himself up to people like you apart from what is best for our children. As for business leaders. He runs a £10 million+ organisation. I’d say that’s a medium sized business. How about you?

2024-06-27 15:46:31

This is a surprise. In view of Mr Gough's stellar performance when trying at Passmores to Pass himself off as a pretty young thirty-something, oops, forty-year old (birthday on hustings day, who could have believed it?), I was soo sure Vic Goddard would have lent his support to UKIP, be it in the form of either the impersonator or the stunningly sprightly Martin Harvey (Broxbourne - but.)

2024-06-27 15:46:41

Lisa I run a international business, I literally just returned from San Francisco having signed another deal. However, unlike Vic I have to actually make money, invest and make a profit, which means attracting clients I do not get money handed to me from the government. He is talking about cuts he is an executive head teacher, and honestly I cannot see what he adds, each school as a head teacher already. The trust could save a lot of money by removing the role, of course it will not as these things always go for the lower levels.

2024-06-27 15:47:47

Schools aren't businesses. They are about educating children and are therefore not profit making schemes. A headteacher knows what their school is like inside and out. How can a business this size say the same? They can't. I agree about lack of funding and about the shambles that education has faced for numerous years. Not sure this man should be given as much air time as he gets.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-27 16:14:44

I agree schools are not businesses just like all the other public services, but the people at the top of these organisations always want similar salaries to heads of private businesses often citing they have to run these organisations like a business. You cannot have it both ways. I would be interested in the opinion of the Reform candidate Malcolm Featherstone, as according to his CV, he has run private businesses and public sector organisations.

2024-06-27 16:30:49

What's wrong with his wage? Perhaps if we attract this kind of talent that makes a difference then so many pupils lives will be changed for the better, that's thousands of little folk off to be well educated, articulate and good future workers. Education is a huge important key to the success of the workforce, something an 'international businessman' would appreciate. Perhaps Adam wouldn't be so sore about his wage had Vic Goddard come out in support of the tories, not labour...

2024-06-27 17:07:53

Trace I cannot stand the Tories, or labour they are all the same, none help those who need it and get very rich while doing it. Yes education is important which is why I favour private education as state education is poor and is based around conformance and not critical thought. My point re 150K is honestly you rarely see that level in the private sector but see it in the public sector very often, because its tax payers money.

2024-06-27 17:24:51

Well, we will have to disagree, being the principal of a school takes a lot of flipping hard work and that kind of wage if making a very good difference to hundreds of kids that go by each year then money well spent. You also can't really compare education to the workplace salaries and if you do want to then you will have to compare to CEO's and there's plenty of CEO's of a company that are on that kind of money and more.

2024-06-27 17:55:39

I'm backing Vic!

2024-06-27 18:25:13

Deary deary me, what have we become..

Barry kn
2024-06-27 18:27:21

Arya we a country that has no values anymore! It’s becoming a Disney film

2024-06-27 20:43:37

Disney is normally sweet, not like the UK (unless happen to be one of the select few!)

2024-06-28 13:58:08

Trace . I wonder if he will still support Labour once he is overwhelmed with private school pupils having to go to his school. Good old Kid Starver . NOT

2024-06-28 14:04:45

Turkey, 'Overwhelmed'? Not going to happen. Most kids at private school will not have parents who will be put off by the extra charge. Sure there may be a few, but not overwhelmed. All these schools have massively hiked their prices up these last few years and still have pupils.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-28 15:57:33

I know plenty of people who are going to stop sending their children to private schools if they get taxed on it. I also know plenty of people whose children did not go to university when they put the fees up 10 years ish ago. The reality is mass education was introduced during the Industrial Revolution as we needed a more skilled work force. Now we no longer need masses of skilled workers as most jobs have been removed or deskilled. This means we require less well educated people and clearly the rich and powerful want that for their children. The only problem is that a lot of the masses can afford private education, so the only solution is to make it more out of reach without making the private schools look greedy. So we have Labour introducing tax to filter out the masses and the masses think this is somehow a good idea?! The real difference between private and state education is one educates and the other indoctrinates.

2024-06-28 16:47:38

You know what? Having children is a choice, so is sending them to private school. It's not a 'right' to be able to send your child to private school, people can either afford it or they can't. If the money gained by removing the charity status of private schools goes directly into improving state school education, where most children go then good.

James Gamble
2024-06-29 09:45:01

Anyone earning in excess of £150,000 a year speaking out against a Conservative Government speaks volumes to me.

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