Man jailed after stealing twenty laptops from Princess Alexandra Hospital

Crime / Tue 9th Jul 2024 at 03:20pm

A HOSPITAL contractor who stole laptops from Princess Alexandra Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic has been jailed for 15 months.

Francisco Maya, a 37-year-old of Dagenham Road in Dagenham, was working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow during May and June 2020, when several laptops were ordered to support the work of hospital staff.

Maya then took as many as 20 of these laptops from the hospital over two months, leaving the boxes they arrived in at the hospital to avoid being detected.

He then sold several of these online and when the serial numbers were checked by the new owners, the manufacturer was alerted that they were stolen.

Maya was arrested in July 2020 and pleaded not guilty to a charge of theft. Following a three-day trial at Chelmsford Crown Court in April 2024, he was found guilty and on Friday 5 July at the same court was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

PC Rhianna Mills, who led the investigation, said:

“While NHS doctors, nurses and staff were busy trying to help the nation at a time of crisis, Maya was helping himself to vital equipment they needed to keep the hospital working in the pandemic.

“Throughout this investigation and trial, he showed no remorse for his crime. He can now reflect on his behaviour from prison.”

Phil Holland, chief information officer at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT), said:

“This IT equipment was extremely important to facilitate the care of our patients and to deliver hospital services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We take any incidents of stealing from our hospitals extremely seriously and this will not be tolerated. Our thanks goes to Essex Police for their support.”

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9 Comments for Man jailed after stealing twenty laptops from Princess Alexandra Hospital:

2024-07-09 16:43:21

Again did he actually serve any off that sentence the lowest off the low crime does pay whot are the Judges thinking over to you kier 😉😒😩

2024-07-09 18:04:37

You can’t be to harsh because the judge doesn’t want to be seen as racist.

2024-07-09 18:40:04

And they say "Crime doesn't pay" pathetic sentencing yet again

2024-07-09 19:30:36

I bet he didn't serve any of his 15 month sentence. Did he pay back any of the money he gained from his deed? Doubt it! How on earth was he able to gain access to the items. We're they left in a corridor on the site? Maybe they were stored under patient beds!! As GOTTY mentioned, wouldn't want to seem too harsh on our coloured brethren.

2024-07-09 19:44:20

15 months😲 Justice! Pathetic!

Joe public
2024-07-09 22:50:57

What about the ppe fiasco, they cost us millions. Are they going to prison?

2024-07-10 06:38:49

Well I guess Michelle Mone is still walking free. This guy would have been ok if he was a friend of the Tories, they stole billions.

David Forman
2024-07-11 07:17:30

It is worth noting the near three months for sentencing. In the good old days, when the courts worked efficiently, it would have taken no more than a month to conduct social and physchiatric reports prior to sentencing.

Guy Flegman
2024-07-11 21:16:22

It’s funny that yet again the foot soldiers of crime go to jail while the king pins are always free to roam amongst us. PPE contracts anyone!

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