Planning permission granted for garage extension in Church Langley

Planning / Thu 11th Jul 2024 at 01:34pm

PLANNING permission has been granted for the construction of a single storey side extension (to be
used as a garage) in Church Langley.

The application was discussed and decided on Wednesday night at a meeting of Harlow Council’s planning committee.

Film is below.

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3 Comments for Planning permission granted for garage extension in Church Langley:

David Stan Anders-Hope
2024-07-11 16:39:15

Yet more cars will be parked on Heathcote Gardens. Its dangerous to walk on the road for prams and toddlers. The pathways are blocked with cars on the curbs.

2024-07-11 19:31:01

Surely based on this there will less cars if it’s being used as a garage ?

Guy Flegman
2024-07-11 21:30:44

I remember the good old days when church Langley was called Brenthall Park, but some one thought it would not sell under that name! Let’s face it it’s a rabbit warren in there as the developers squeezed the max properties on the smallest of land with no regard to the fact that most homes will have 2 cars. Even now nothing has changed on new developments. The cold reality is our road infrastructure has not kept up with demand, and the government chooses to blame us for this, even though it’s been obvious to everyone else that car use will grow rapidly since the mid seventies. We have been let down by our leaders very badly indeed,

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