Dickens Abridged is coming to Harlow

FROM Adam Long, founding member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company and co-creator of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) comes Dickens Abridged – a fast-paced musical comedy. An absurdly talented cast of four bring hundreds of the great author’s best-loved characters to life in 70 minutes of madcap Dickensian mayhem.

Tree Fu Tom is coming to the Harlow Playhouse

JOIN hero Tree Fu Tom, as he takes to the stage in his first ever nationwide ‘live’ tour in 2015. With dates in theatres across the UK, running from April through November, fans of the CBeebies show will be able to follow the adventures of Tom, Twigs and friends on an action-packed adventure through the magical world of Treetopolis!

Early Doors: Trebles all round for brilliant show

GIVEN government cuts, many theatre companies have turned, rather than creating new shows for audiences to come and watch, to taking the new shoes to the audiences themselves. Not Too Tame are one such company, and their production of Early Doors at The Red Lion in Potter Street, Harlow, proved a truly fantastic evening.

Review: Comedy of Errors by Harlow Theatre Company

IT is often said that you cannot take Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors seriously, and this is the same in Jeanne Stacey’s production. She adopts conventions of the silent film era – using slapstick comedy, melodramatic gestures, intense physicality and some truly excellent reactions – in her direction for Harlow Theatre Company to bring the farce to life.

Review: Live at The Playhouse

ANDREA Hubert was next and the lack of warmth in Andrea’s sneery comedy about her friends who she doesn’t like having the babies that she doesn’t want didn’t seem to connect with the Harlow crowd. It’s a bit risky to tell an audience: “You won’t like this,” and I almost think Andrea expected that her jokes might not really land

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