Letter to Editor: Who booked the famous acts that came to Harlow in the seventies?

Entertainment / Fri 5th Aug 2022 am31 10:17am

Dear Editor, 

I’m hoping some of the YourHarlow readers may be able to help. 

Harlow Museum’s current exhibition ’75 Years of Music in Harlow’ covers a wide range of musical activity in the town. There is a lot of information there, and it’s great to see the names of some of those responsible for the variety that has been, and is still, on offer in this town. 

People like Dick Kilburn, who was responsible for the famous Pop in the Park concerts (amongst other events), were an inspiration to me personally when I first ventured into the world of live music promotion, but what about the other concerts around town… who booked those?

My assumption is the college gigs were arranged by the student union, but someone involved in 1972 decided to take a chance on a band from the midlands called Slade. And who signed the contract on behalf of the Playhouse to book David Bowie?

I’ve attached a newspaper clipping from 1972 listing upcoming events at The Grove (what I knew in the 90s as the Blue Rooms) with some great performers booked. Is there someone in Harlow whose Mum or Dad booked Desmond Dekker to play in Harlow?

The Equals, Small Faces, Joe Cocker and more at Stone Cross Hall / The Birdcage – someone at the time had taste!

If any of those people are still around and in town, or if their families have any information, it would be great to find out more about the bookers and promoters who brought these now classic acts to Harlow.


Adam Smith

Black Wax Music
(Former promoter at The Square)

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: Who booked the famous acts that came to Harlow in the seventies?:

2022-08-05 15:51:42

If you can remember the early seventies, then you were not there man. Ha ha.

2022-08-06 08:35:18

This also illustrates just how much the town lost when The Square was closed to create what now's a parking lot.

Mark Gobell
2022-08-06 08:52:55

Pink Floyd and Genesis also played at the Birdcage. https://www.electricsalad.co.uk/Square%20Archive%20Site/townparkandothergigs.html I went to a few of the free Town park concerts & recall seeing Hawkwind, Bay City Rollers, Rubettes, Darts, Mud. Happy days.

View from Afar
2022-08-06 09:15:33

Steam Packet - Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger (+Rod Stewart?) At Brays Grove YC, Dave Dee etc at Mark Hall YC, Netteswell YC had a lot of groups as well.

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