Travellers move off from Netteswell and go all the way to Katherines

THE TRAVELLERS who encamped at Netteswell (near to the Asda roundabout) moved off at just before midday today (Thursday).

Unfortunately, they made their way, just two miles down the road to the Katherine’s area.

Essex Police, perhaps mindful of a policy of non-harrassment, are taking a diplomatic approach.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “The group of travellers left Second Avenue in Harlow at before 12 noon today (Wednesday July 4).

They moved to St Katherine’s Playing Fields, just off Sycamore Field. Officers have spoken to the travellers and will be working with Harlow Council as the owners of the land who will need to issue a legal notice requesting the travellers to leave.

“They started to arrive at St Katherine’s Playing Field just before 11am.”

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