Harlow: In touch with its heritage.

History / Sun 7th Jul 2013 am31 10:34am

By Michael Casey

AS we come to the end of the first week of www.yourharlow.com, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect upon Harlow’s heritage.

I have been running YourThurrock.Com for nearly five years. I was discussing Harlow with Mr Ed Caines, headteacher of Woodside Academy in Grays.

Mr Caines, some may recall, was headteacher at Purford Green and Pear Tree Mead a few years ago.

He told us that what impressed him about Harlow was how people were proud of their history and their heritage. He was particularly impressed with the people, who had moved to Harlow, whether it was post-war or into the sixties.

There was a sense of self-improvement and motivation among many people. He felt that the Polymath quizzes was a shining example of this.

I left Harlow in 1981, to go up to university. But one of the books I brought with me was the History of Harlow by Linley H Bateman.

This is the first week, I have actually worked in Harlow since then. And it was good to be chatting about history with cllr Tony Hall outside Tesco’s in Church Langley on Saturday. Cllr Hall was able to tell me that the “horse sculpture” was designed by John Mills who also designed the 50 pence piece.

Here for now is a film made from the cine-work of Eric Alvin.

By the way, we are not ones to wallow in the past. The people who are on Facebook moaning about the present are probably the same people who, thirty years ago, were on CB radio, moaning about the present.

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