Trades Union motion calls for Suzy Stride to resign

Politics / Wed 31st Jul 2013 at 07:31am

A MOTION set to be voted on by hundreds of Harlow trade unionists is calling for Labour parliamentary candidate to resign.

The motion has been put forward by union activist, David Forman, who believes that Ms Stride’s links to “big business” and “lack of support” for job losses at Tesco, have made her position untenable.

The motion to be tabledon the 18 September meeting of Harlow Trades Union Council reads as follows:


“That Harlow Trades Union Council does not wish to support Harlow Labour Party’s PPC, Suzy Stride, as a result of her silence on many important issues that have led to her being nicknamed ‘Silent Suzy’.

We are deeply concerned that Suzy Stride is a member of the big-business funded Progress faction and has been since at least 2007. We are also deeply concerned that Suzy failed to declare her Progress membership in the selection process that culminated in her selection as PPC on 6 December 2011.

Further, we are disgusted by Suzy’s lack of support for our campaigns on black-listing, parasitical banks and the bedroom tax. Moreover, we are deeply concerned that we have received far more support from Conservative MP Robert Halfon on the issues of trade union facility time and job losses at Comet and Tesco than we have from Suzy.

We are absolutely appalled at Suzy’s indifference to the closure of Harlow Welfare Rights & Advice and her failure to criticise the irresponsible lending of the banks in the run up to the economic collapse of 2008 and their destructive speculative derivative and asset stripping activities.

Given the lack of her individual support for union policies and the Peoples Charter in particular, this trades council declares that it has No Confidence in Suzy Stride to advance the interests of working class people as a PPC, let alone as a Member of Parliament.

If Suzy will not do the honorable thing and resign, then this trades council refuses to support her in the general election of 2015.”

Proposer: David Forman, CWU Capital branch

YH will be gauging reaction from Ms Stride and Labour supporters later in the week.

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