Parties announce candidates for European elections

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euroLABOUR AND CONSERVATIVES have unveiled their candidates to fight the 2014 European Elections in the East of England.

Labour;s Harriet Harman MP said:

“I am proud that such strong, committed and inspiring people have been picked by ordinary Labour Party members to be their MEP candidates in the East of England.

“Like the people they seek to represent, they come from all walks of life and from all the different communities who live here in the East of England.

“Unlike David Cameron whose first priority on Europe is appeasing the ever more extreme demands of Tory backbenchers, Labour MEPs will be a powerful One Nation voice who stand up for ordinary hardworking families.

“Their top priority is to be a strong voice in the European Parliament to make sure they get the best deal and bring jobs and growth here in the East of England”

Richard Howitt MEP said:
“Labour has announced an excellent list of candidates for the East of England. We have candidates from all across the region who bring a wealth of experience and talent, showing just how committed One Nation Labour is to winning in the East.

“People in the East of England have been badly let down by a Tory-led Government that is putting the wrong people first, giving a tax cut to millionaires at the same time as local families are on average £891 worse off.

“Only Labour are standing up for people in this region and fighting the damage being done by this Tory-led Government. Labour would guarantee a job for anyone in this region who has been out of work for more than two years, would open up the energy market, forcing companies to pass savings on to customers and would give the real prospect of getting the best deal for Britain in Europe.”

Labour’s Candidates for the East of England
1. HOWITT, Richard
2. MAYER, Alex
3. MARTIN, Sandy
4. JOSHI, Bhavna
5. BISHOP, Paul
6. AYUB, Naseem

The Conservative candidates for the East of  England are:

1. Vicky Ford MEP
2. Geoffrey Van Orden MEP
3. David Campbell Bannerman MEP
4. John Flack
5. Cllr Tom Hunt
6. Margaret Simons
7. Jonathan Collett

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