The art of Richi Crypt

By Jo O’Reillyartjo

THROUGHOUT August Harlow Library is home to the latest exhibition by Harlow based cartoonist and Slam Comics illustrator Richi Crypt. The exhibition showcases some of his most recent work , ‘It’s a bit of everything really, some personal stuff, some portraits. A lot of the stuff you see in the exhibition is stuff I’ve drawn for fun.”

Crypt who has been drawing since he can remember found his niche in the darker side of the cartoon world, with art inspired by classic 80s horror and sci-fi movies, and most of his work done in pen and ink.

“It’s the style I feel most comfortable in and it’s the most fun to do. I do a lot of commission stuff for comics and it’s just not as fun as playing about with your own style.”

A lifelong Harlow resident, Crypt lives in Staple Tie with cat Socks and is a regular at local music venue The Square.

‘A lot of what I do is influenced by the punk and metal music I grew up listening to at The Square and the kind scene I was into.”

“There wasn’t much of a comic book scene growing up in Harlow, or at least none that ever made themselves known to me.”

Despite this, as well as his own work Crypt is the primary illustrator and founding member of local comic collective Slam Comics run predominantly by locals artists and writers.

The exhibition runs until the end of August and visitors to Harlow library can view it for free.

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