Pop-Up Talent coming to Harlow

Communities / Wed 13th Nov 2013 at 09:30am

A NEW initiative to stimulate interests in education, training and employment amongst youth.

The one-day shop will host a variety of taster sessions and talks from industry professionals in sectors such as catering, fashion, design, sport, music and more.

The shop aims to inspire and empower young people to develop and gain transferable skills as well as gain practical experiences.
The Pop Up Talent Shop will launch on Thursday 21st November, 10am – 4pm at Hawks Radio Station, Little Walk.

Supported by East Thames’ Harlow Foyer working in partnership with the Foyer Federation, Good People and Changemakers, in addition to being funded by The Big Lottery Fund, this will be very much be a local opportunity, for local young people.

Harlow Foyer will work with and support young people to develop their skills and to carry out community projects as part of this initiative.

Youth unemployment is currently at its highest across the country. In the last 18 months there has been a significant rise in young people starting up their own businesses, proving that entrepreneurism is a growing trend among young people.

Organisations such as the Prince’s Trust, UnLtd, O2 Think Big and The Start Up Loans Company are noticeable names among this culture, providing cash injections in the form of grants and loans to allow budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into realities.

The Pop Up Talent Shop supports this development, popping up wherever young people are, providing them with the opportunity to take or make work for themselves through engaging in interactive taster sessions, delivered by local businesses and working people in and around the community.

Young people get the chance to meet real people, gain experience and make and maintain real connections, thereby improving their future prospects of entering education or employment.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to prove that employers and young people can help each other. To boost confidence of young people and to make them realise how capable they are when give the right support.” Kellie Tighe, Pop Up Talent Co-Ordinator.

“Pop Up Talent is a big opportunity for people my age as it will open doors for us, it’s stuff I can put on my CV. I want more experience in the work field, career wise and a wider knowledge of what’s available to me.” Nathan H, 19, Pop Up Talent Ambassadors.

“I want a chance to help other people and help myself and Pop Up Talent provides that for me.” Corey Bates, 19, Pop Up Talent Ambassadors.

“I think Pop up Talent is a chance for me to meet new people, run and event, and speak first hand to employers locally. It’s entertaining and fun!”

Leah Stratford, 18, Pop Up Talent Ambassador.

“I think it’s a good idea to help young people make decisions on what careers paths to take. I’m involved with Pop Up Talent because after the shop there’s a 12 week course I can do to help me start my own business.” Ryan Stratford, 20, Pop Up Talent Ambassador.


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