Council pledge to take action on Howard Way encampment

HARLOW COUNCIL has pledged to take legal action against what is believed to be an encampment of gypsy travellers on Howards Way, close to Second Avenue.

The party made camp at approximately 7pm on Tuesday night.

By daylight, it appeared that landowners at Puffers Farm were concerned enough regarding trespassers that they deployed a digger on their land.

Councillor Emma Toal, Portfolio Holder for Youth & Citizenship, said: “The encampment is on Harlow Council land. We are working with the Police and Essex County Council and we aim to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

“This is about protecting the town’s green spaces and upholding the law. We are looking into legal action, there is a legal process to follow. We have taken measures to secure other green spaces in the area.”

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One Response to "Council pledge to take action on Howard Way encampment"

  1. Lee Dangerfield   November 21, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Well they have had 2 weeks free ground rent haven’t they.

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