Ofsted on Passmores: Leadership and Teaching: “Outstanding”

Communities / Mon 25th Nov 2013 at 10:01am

We have divided the interview into two parts.

In the first part, we discuss the recent Ofsted report.

The school was given an Outstanding in 2008. This time it was graded as “Good”.

The report stated:

1. The headteacher’s leadership is excellent. He works successfully with other leaders and governors to raise standards and improve students’ progress.

2. Students’ behaviour is good and their attitudes to work and learning are positive. Students say they enjoy being at the academy.

3. Leaders provide effective training to improve the quality of teaching.

4. Students reach broadly average standards and make good progress. In English standards are above average and students make outstanding progress.

5. Teaching is good overall, and in English it is outstanding.

6. They have good social skills that prepare them well for life when they leave to go to work or to further education.

7. Teachers provide students with outstanding academic help and guidance.

The report makes the following criticisms

1.Occasionally work is not challenging enough and student’s progress briefly slows down.

2.Teachers’ marking does not always give detailed enough feedback to students on how well they are doing or clear guidance on how they should improve their work.

3.All teachers do not make sure that students’ written work is presented in a neat enough way to help them when they refer back to it for revision purposes.

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