‘Your Essex, let’s talk’ – 1,700 responses to bus service consultation so far

Politics / Wed 27th Nov 2013 am30 09:52am

HARLOW residents have until Monday 9 December to have their say on local bus services provided by Essex County Council (ECC) and join the 1,700 residents who have already contributed their views.

The consultation, which can be found at www.essex.gov.uk/busreview, through libraries or by calling 0845 603 7631, enables residents to have their say on the types of bus services ECC supports and ultimately how it will provide financial support to local bus services in the future.

Whilst individual bus services aren’t being reviewed at this stage, consultation responses will inform which types of local bus services will receive financial support in the future. It is important for residents to contribute their views towards the strategy which could affect the bus services provided by ECC that they currently use.

ECC currently pays £7.9million for nearly 200 local bus services which generally run in the evenings, on Sundays or in rural locations. However, maintaining expenditure at this level in the current financial climate is unsustainable and the council is looking at where efficiency savings can be made.

Essex County Councillor Rodney L Bass, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation said: “The bus services the Council provides should meet the essential travel needs of residents, offer the best value for taxpayers and be sustainable.

“Given the challenging economic climate, we must be realistic and accept that it is likely that not all needs across the county can be met. It is therefore extremely important that as many people as possible take part in this consultation and ensure they have their say on the types of bus services they value most.”

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