Disastrous solve rates for burglary in Harlow at top of agenda for crime meeting.

Crime / Thu 28th Nov 2013 at 10:58am

By Jo O’Reilly

86% OF all burglaries in Harlow last year were not solved by the police.

So it was no wonder that burglaries was at the top of the agenda when the Essex Police Crime Commissioner came to speak in Harlow on Wednesday

The information came from a Freedom of Information request made by YH.

The request showed the following:
2010-11: 916 (Solved-225)-24%
2011-12: 943 (Solved-74)-7%
2012-13: 782 (Solved-116)-14%

Mr Alston has written extensively on his website about the low solve rates across the county and there is no doubt that it will be high on his agenda when he meets the chief constable, Steven Kavanagh in Chelmsford.

At the meeting, the district commander for Harlow, chief inspector Justin Smith told the audience that burglary offences are down by 30% from last year with 185 less offenses committed.

The chief told the civic offices crowd about a new scheme to tackle burglary named ‘Operation insight’, which which was launched on October 1st and is targeting resources to burglary hotspots around the town.

He said: “Using weekly maps to highlight areas for more intensive patrolling based on previous offences, it is hoped the number of offenses will continue to fall. The chief inspector said that they were now “Hostile” on those committing burglaries, particularly repeat offenders, “We are pretty tenacious”.

Your Harlow asked PCC Nick Alston if the solve rate on these crimes had increased following the crackdown and were informed that county wide the figure stands at around 20% a slight increase on last years 16%.

Crime figures overall for Harlow showed a decrease with 482 less offences in total for last year, although there has been a 5.3% increase in shoplifting offences in the town.

Chief Inspector Smith said: “The overlying trend is, Harlow is getting better, burglary is down, violent crime is down, robberies are down, however shoplifting is definitely up”.

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