Suzy Stride praises the work of All Ability Sport & Leisure

Politics / Sat 30th Nov 2013 am30 09:18am

SUZY Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, recently visited All Ability Athletics and Multi-Sport, which is a program in Harlow which provides sporting opportunities for young and old alike. The program is consistent in its delivery to provide its participants the opportunity to develop their sporting interest, from inclusion right the way through to International recognition.

All Ability Sport & Leisure have taken Harlow residents from the start line to representing Great Britain. Richard Chiassaro, who lives in Harlow, came along to All Ability Sport & Leisure four years ago, before that he had never raced – and with the support and dedication of coaches he is now representing Great Britain.

Richard said “The club is so good for young people, opportunities to try different sports is so important, I came here to coach and then started wheel chair racing, I am now number 1 in 100m, 200m, 400 and 800 metre chair racing.”

Suzy Stride said “All Ability Sport & Leisure provide amazing opportunities for people in Harlow and beyond, tapping into potential and seeing young people excel. We know there are huge problems of young people from more deprived backgrounds being able to achieve at high levels in sport due to access and lack of opportunity and it’s fantastic to see organisations like this building those bridges and transforming both young peoples and disabled peoples lives.”

Bob Mckinlay, one of the senior coaches, is very passionate about tapping into potential. He said “David Weir had to start somewhere and be inspired to do what he does. Could we ever not provide that level of inspiration, it would not be for the lack of trying, it would possibly be restricted through financial limitations.

ability“In this world of ours, I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be able to achieve and be part of something. I hope we can, in the future allow this program to reach the levels we are seeking.”

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