Is your Harlow councillor actually turning up to meetings?

Politics / Tue 3rd Dec 2013 at 07:56am

THIS HAS always a hot topic in our sister paper over in Thurrock. Just mention the name cllr Aaron Kiely to any hard working Conservative and steam will come out of their ears.

But since YH started in July, we have been attending meetings and noticed the large number of absentees in each meeting. As we are sure we did not see “I guarantee pretty unimpressive levels of attendance” on any election material, we thought we would look into this further.

So, we thought we would look at the attendance rates of Harlow councillors since June.

The councillor with the lowest attendance is Bush Fair councillor, Daniella Pritchard (Lab) who has only attended 15% of meetings. These include council, cabinet and a number of committees.

Cllr Pritchard spoke to YH and explained that her father was unwell and so she had a six hour journey to attend to him.

Next lowest was Sumners councillor, Russell Perrin with 33%. After cllr Perrin comes the portfolio holder for regeneration, cllr Paul Schroeder who has only attended 38% of all meetings.

Most worrying, cllr Schroeder has failed to attend cabinet meetings in June, October and November. YH did attempt to contact him but have had no reply by e-mail.

He does appear to be healthy as he is a member of Harlow Running Club and we can tell from his tweets that his 5K time has improved a lot all summer. We just hope he is not running away with his responsibilities.

The sole Labour ever-present is Ian Beckett,
The Conservative ever-presents are: Simon Carter, Andrew Johnson

And the Independent, cllr Joshua Jolles.

Councillor allowances and expenses add up to close to £250,000 a year.

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