Hockey: Seconds overwhelm Redbridge

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Harlow 2s 5 v 1 Redbridge and Ilford 3s

A 5-1 home win moves Harlow one position up the league table.

Harlow generally looked the stronger team throughout the match with all players keeping Redbridge and Ilford out of the Harlow D.

Harlow link up play from Nina Johnson-Marshall to Stephanie Hawes allowed the ball to be played to the left post and tapped in by Tracey Taylor.

A long ball played from defender Samantha Care put the ball back into Redbridge and Ilford’s D which allowed Lara Horrax to skillfully pass the ball to Stephanie Hawes who took a reverse shot and scored.

Redbridge and Ilford kept trying but wasn’t able to get round the Harlow defence of Olivia Figg, Samantha Care and Claire Burgess. Redbridge and Ilford did manage a lucky shot against keeper Sandra Figg but was cleared instantly.

Half time score 2-0 to Harlow.

After the half time break it took a few minutes for Harlow to get back into the swing of the game, Redbridge and Ilford took full advantage of this opportunity and managed to score a goal on the inside post.

This woke Harlow up and a challenge made by Lucy Dearman won Harlow a short corner. Nicole Donaghey injected the ball to Sarah Donaghey at the top of the D, Redbridge and Ilford were slow on the run out allowing Sarah Donaghey to take a straight strike and score Harlow’s third goal.

Harlow then won a second short corner due to a challenge by midfielder Nina Johnson-Marshall. Harlow took the same set up as the first short corner with the ball being injected to the top of the D from Nicole Donaghey to Sarah Donaghey. Redbridge and Ilford were faster coming out of the goal which meant Sarah Donaghey didn’t have the option of a straight strike, instead she slipped the ball to Lara Horrax who had a clear shot on goal scoring Harlow’s forth goal.

Harlow was able to keep all play in the Redbridge and Ilford half of the pitch. Harlow’s last goal was a complete team effort with a great deal of good passes from all players. The link up play mainly come from midfielders Nicole Donaghey and Lucy Dearman allowing all the forwards to get in the Redbridge and Ilford’s D and caused a nuisances of themselves.

Lara Horrax managed to draw the Redbridge and Ilford’s keeper out of their goal and slip the ball past the keeper and defender to Stephanie Hawes leaving her plenty of time and an open goal which she scored with a under cut to the top left hand corner of the goal.

Player of the match went to Stephanie Hawes.

Sandra Figg
Olivia Figg
Samantha Care
Claire Burgess
Nicole Donaghey
Sarah Donaghey
Lucy Dearman
Nina Johnson-Marshall
Stephanie Hawes
Tracey Taylor
Lara Horrax

Harlow Firsts hock1lost to Old Loughtonians 1-5. Sandra Turner scored for Harlow.

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